“Get it on!” – Day Four FFF 2011

Director Simon Arthur

Writer/Director, Simon Arthur

Talk about a thrilling, bazaar, romantic twist of a double life. Simon Arthur’s Silver Tongues left the audience thinking.

This film is about a couple who travel around playing “games” and testing people’s judgment. Before the film I got to speak with some thrill seekers waiting in line.

Carrie from Lake Mary, Florida, has been to the FFF several times before. This is her “first film of the festival. I read the synapses and it fit my schedule.” She and her husband, Ron, have 28 tickets to use before Sunday. They are members of the Enzian because it’s “something original and an original idea.” They also suggested some other things I might enjoy in the area such as the French Festival and Mad Cow Theatre.

Angie said she “came last year which was her first year. I wanted to see a thriller and this worked with my schedule.”

Mario and his stunning wife “came once before, a couple years ago.” This wasn’t their first film of the festival as they joined myself and may others opening night to witness Project Nim. They wanted to see an “action, thriller,” and Charlene profoundly stuck out that Mario will “like the sexual parts” in this film. They won 10 free tickets from the Radio Station and will be joining me throughout my quest during the rest of the film festival. Four years ago they won tickets to the film festival in Texas. Charlene stated “it was the last day of the contest. I won tickets, airfare, hotel, limousine, food, and $500 cash!” Obliviously this isn’t their first walk in the park and they love it. Mario proceeded to tell me “I must be truly blessed to have such a great opportunity” as he gave me a kiss on the check.

No filmmakers were present at the screening; however, I was informed that the writer/director Simon Arthur will be at the Enzian Friday at 1:30 pm. I wasn’t sure what to think of this film as it was very graphic and explicit. From a production standpoint I did enjoy the camera angels and score during the film. The film was very compelling and during the film someone actually shouted out “Get it on” during a sex scene.

Before the film started I noticed someone walk in wearing a Silver Tongues t-shirt. I made it part of my mission to catch up with him after the film to get the scoop. He informed me his name was Mitchell Rand and that he was “helping market the film for the film festival and that he really likes it.”

I ran into Mario and Charlene after the film as well who used their hands to show me the jaw dropping feeling they were left with. Charlene started “just when you think you got it, they throw something else at you.”

The East coast premier of Silver Tongues is a cruel, heartless story of rape and destruction to lives for pure pleasure.

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