Lance Around Orlando


Greetings! Welcome to Lance Around Orlando–“More Than a Mouse™”

This is the blog for anyone dreaming, planning, or even contemplating a trip to the Greater Orlando area of Central Florida.

We’ll look around Orlando, we’ll talk about Orlando, we will be the place to go for the informative, amusing, and enjoyable aspects “Around and About Orlando.” Occasionally we’ll talk about the Mouse, the other Major Attractions and so forth. But, by and large, this will be the place to find the unique or underrated.

The purpose of this blog is for us, as a community, to share tips and strategies that would be helpful for anyone traveling to Central Florida. Although I am the primary author and moderator of this site, I prefer to think of it as a team approach. My good friends, jedibfa and lizthefair are constantly reviewing the site and offering suggestions and improvements. (For those of you you who are twisting your tongue trying to pronounce jed-i-b-fa, perhaps it would be easier to think “Star Wars” and try jedi-B.F.A. What can I say, it’s a hobby! As for lizthefair, well, your guess is as good as [probably better than] mine!)

Also on the team are my wife, Karin, and my three kids, Brandon, Colin, and Amber, who share my adventurous spirit in exploring all the nooks and crannies of Central Florida.

But the most important members of the team are YOU, the readers and commenters. To make this blog truly helpful and relevant it will be the input and dialogue of all of us together that will uncover the hidden treasures and find the gemstones in the Off-The-Beaten-Path places around Orlando that make traveling so much fun.

So join in the fun! Feel free to lurk or comment as you see fit! Keep it clean and respectful–All opinions and viewpoints are welcome here. Heigh-Ho and Away We Go!

Lance Around Orlando

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    […] The friend I was helping set up his site still uses the same theme, so you can see the first post almost exactly the same way it looked in 2009. […]

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