Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) Re-visited


The life of my Office Manager, Anne, is in a state of transition.  Several months ago, she began a new phase in her life by selling a business she owned and agreeing to take over the Office Manager responsibilities at Dream Homes.  Anne is doing so much better managing the office than I ever did.  For the first time, things are really organized, the homes are looking great, and the office is running like a well oiled machine.  We are so fortunate to have her.

I invited her to write a guest blog for me.  She enjoyed it so much, she decided to write another one.  So now she is reinventing her life again by learning a fun new skill–blogging!  Earlier, I posted a blog giving an overview of HHN, Anne now weighs in with her first blog which is her personal experience of HHN on Saturday night.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy Anne.


Halloween Horror Nights

So this was my first time! The prospect of encountering Bloody Mary [ed note:  The main theme character of this year’s HHN] was making me anxious, the knot in my stomach was driving me crazy.

I ordered tickets online and so after entering the security check point we waited in line to get to the electronic ticketing. This was to be the first of many lines!

The transformation of the park is quite incredible; dark and smokey, eerie sounds and sights. There are people flying above your head, skimming the air above you. Monsters and ghouls in the crowds are milling around you. The makeup and special effects are outstanding.

We went on Saturday, it was shoulder to shoulder busy. The first house was at least a 90 minute wait. Once inside the screams from terrified people rang out throughout the building. We walked single file one before another. The only downside to this is you can prepare for the scares ahead but there are still some that slip though and make you jump out of your skin.

The “scares zones” are themed and again very good. Some of the supposedly still creatures are real and jump you as you pass. Blood and gore are in great supply!

Our longest wait was for “Reflections of Fear” 120 minutes. By now it’s midnight and we are tired but the crowd is still upbeat.  There is the occasional moment due to too much alcohol. [ed. note:  Anne swears she was referring to “other people” when she wrote that!] It is hot and sticky but we make it through and face our fear.  The house is very good and I screamed a couple of times when I was caught unaware.

All in all a very entertaining night. Next time I would probably go on a quieter night so could see more of the houses.

Editor’s Note:  Come back later to read Anne’s blog about her experiences at the Discovery Cove attraction and Miami Dolphin’s football game.  Please post a comment to let her know your thoughts about what she has written.  LanceAround

3 Responses to “Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) Re-visited”

  1. paula Mitchell Says:

    Very good reading, if i wasnt in England i would want to see it. paula

  2. LanceAround Says:

    Thanks, Paula, let us know if you are coming to Florida. We’d love to see you! LanceAround and Family

  3. jaime Says:


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