Zipline in Florida–Best Kept Secret II

Zipline Safari at Forever Florida
Zipline Safari at Forever Florida

Thousands of tourists mob Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World every day.  But as a lucky reader of my blog, you are about to discover one of the best attractions in Central Florida.  It costs about the same as a theme park yet provides a different kind of Florida experience.  It’s our second “Best Kept Secret” in Central Florida

Let me introduce you to the Zipline Safari at Forever Florida.

Do you know what Florida is really like?  Along with Hawaii, it is one of only two subtropical climates in the United States.  But if all you do when you are down here is visit the mouse, well, you really can’t tell you’re in Florida, can you?  You might be in California, Tokyo, Paris or even Hong Kong–they all have a place to visit Mickey! 

If you want to experience Florida, the REAL Florida, then the safaris at Forever Florida is the place to begin.  And the best safari is the Zipline Safari.  Located less than hour east of Disney World, this is one attraction you won’t soon forget.

Sky Bridge Along the Zipline

Sky Bridge Along the Zipline

The Zipline Safari consists of seven “zips” and two sky bridges over three different Florida ecosystems.  To take part in the safari, you have to be at least 10 years old and weigh between 70 and 250 pounds.  The entire experience takes approximately 2.5 hours.  You will go up to 55 feet in the air, zip along at a maximum speed of 25mph, experience nine different observation platforms and enjoy the longest run of 750 feet–longer than two football fields!

Your adventure begins with a short hike along a scenic section of the Florida Trail.  (This is one of only eight National Scenic Trails in the United States.)  Then you arrive at the zipline.  You’ll be led by an expert guide as you “zip” amongst the trees from platform to platform along a system of seven high tension cables.

 As fun as it is to zip and walk across the sky bridges, it is the breathtaking views and the natural tranquility of Florida that provides the most memorable moments. If you’ve never done a zipline before, it might take you a couple of zips to get used to the concept of entrusting your weight to a small harness and wire while dangling over 50 feet in the air.  By the third zip, however, this will become more natural and you will be in a better position to observe the beautiful surroundings as you zing down the line.

Who knows what you might see on any given day?  Alligators, black bears, white tail deer and even the endangered Florida Panther are native to this landscape.  There are numerous species of birds.  You might even spot an eagle.  Of course there are armadillos, skunks, raccoons and lots of other critters roaming the wild.  Perhaps most of all you will simply enjoy the lush, subtropical climate and native trees and undergrowth of the three different ecosystems you will go through.

Peaceful Tranquility at Forever Florida

Peaceful Tranquility at Forever Florida

Along the way, an expert guide will not only be attending to your safety but will also be available to answer your questions and point out the various “attractions” of this unique and natural “theme park;” all this at a cost of only $85 per zip.

For an even wilder adventure Florida EcoSafaris offers moonlight and starlight zips.  Wow, what a ride!

There’s much more to do at Forever Florida including a working cattle ranch, Coach Safari, Horseback Safari, restaurant, camping, gift shop and more.  We’ll blog about it all.

Definitely off-the-beaten-path.

Florida EcoSafaris
Forever Florida
4755 N. Kenansville Road
St. Cloud, FL 34773

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