Festival of the Masters 2009 at Downtown Disney

A Couple of Masters Take a Break

Each November, Downtown Disney hosts the Festival of the Masters open-air art festival.  Now in its 34th year nearly 150 artists display their work.


A Master Creates a Painting Using Coffee

In order to qualify for the festival, an artist must have won a primary award in a juried art festival within the last four years.  This ensures that guests have access to some of the finest artwork in the nation.  Many artists compete for the opportunity to display at the festival.

Mrs. LanceAround, Number One Daughter and her B.F.F. took the time to walk with me through the festival Saturday afternoon.  It was a typically beautiful Floridian day with slightly cooler temperatures, a gentle breeze and the usual breathtaking sunset.


Mrs. LanceAround Admires the Intricate Woodwork

Watching the rays of the setting sun glisten off the exquisite artwork was transforming.  There were artists of every kind, featuring such diverse talents as wood carving, sculpture, painting, photography, folk art, jewelry making, furniture, pottery, and mult-media just to name a few.


# 1 Daughter and Her B.F.F. Were Enthralled by the Artwork

It was easy to understand just how talented these artists are when Mrs. LanceAround and I observed Number One Daughter and her B.F.F. continually losing their way as they became spellbound over the incredible displays of artwork.


Artwork of All Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Materials

The few photos on this blog give only a hint of what this festival has to offer.  When planning your Disney vacation, it is well worth the effort to schedule it for the week in November when the festival occurs. 


Mrs. LanceAround Loved Showing # 1 Daughter and B.F.F. These Paintings. They Were Her Favorite!

Who knows, you may wind up with a one-of-a-kind souvenir to forever recall the most memorable vacation you ever had!  Most of the artwork is for sale.  As you might expect, the prices range dramatically from artist to artist and piece to piece

The festival is free and open to the public.  This year it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 13-15, 2009 from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

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