The Tea Cup


A Tea Room Experience Like No Other!

Mrs. LanceAround was feeling bad.

It was the coldest week in Florida’s history and Number Two Son had just left to go back to college in Sarasota.  Mrs. LanceAround did not notice that the new winter coat we bought him for Christmas had been left behind.  There goes the “mother of the year” award!

Since we have been enjoying tea rooms in the Disney Area, we decided to drive the two hours to Sarasota, take Number Two Son his coat and enjoy a tea room along the way.

According to, the # 1 tea room in Florida is the Victorian Grace in Brandon, FL about 55 minutes from Disney World.  We called them, only to discover that their last seating for afternoon tea is at 1pm.  This puzzled us since typically afternoon tea is seved around 3pm?  In addition, the link to their website on was not working.

Lucky for us!

It turns out that just a mile away from Victorian Grace is The Tea Cup, ranked # 3 in Florida.  They close at 4pm and we were able to get there just in time.

Lynn is Proud of Her New Business

The beautiful decking at the back of The Tea Cup told us we had arrived at someplace special.  In addition to an elegantly decorated tea room, a section of The Tea Cup was a gift shop.  Owner Lynn Davis spoke with pride as she described her efforts to remodel prior to opening just two years ago.

Since we had the misfortune of visiting The Tea Cup during the coldest week in Florida’s history, we could not fully enjoy the outside garden that was shaded by an enormous oak tree beautifully infused with a plant that appeared to be from the Araceae family.  The wrought iron benches, tiled pathways and ornate archway in the outdoor garden indicated that this would be a very special place to enjoy a springtime tea!

Inside, the tea room (pictured above) was peaceful, relaxing and romantic.  Swept up in the grandeur, I leaned over to Mrs. LanceAround, stroked her lovely face, and was about to say…  But just then my phone rang and I spent the next few minutes before getting afternoon tea dealing with a business issue.  Oh well.

Phone call over, the food arrived and it was magnificent.  Lynn insisted that we try the portabello mushroom sandwich.  She was right–It was to die for!  The scones were about the best I had ever tasted.  Everything was obviously made fresh.  You could taste the loving pride that went into every bite.

Their website states they are “A Garden Style Tea Room With Eveything to Delight The Feminine Heart.”  But even those of us with masculine hearts find enjoyment at The Tea Cup!

Next time you’re in Florida, skip the mouse and pay a visit to The Tea Cup.  It’s a vacation experience you won’t forget.

The Tea Cup
1107 Lithia Pinecrest Road
Brandon, FL 33511

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  1. Heidi Says:

    This one sounds like a much better experience than the last one!

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