Space Mountain Re-Opens After Refurbishment


Blast Off on This Newly Refurbished Ride

After a 12 million dollar renovation, Space Mountain in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has now re-opened and is ready to blast off passengers on this iconic roller coaster thrill ride. 

A Space Mountain Rocket

The thrill of Space Mountain is created by the illusion caused from operating in near darkness. This 2.5 minute attraction achieves speeds of only 28mph.  However, in the dark it feels like it is going so much faster. This photo shows how each “rocket” requires only minimal restraints. 

For this reason, Space Mountain is the perfect coaster for those who are a little squeamish about riding a faster, more heavily restrained coaster. In addition, the cool star and planet special effects in Space Mountain make for a delightful immersive environment. Part of the thrill comes from not knowing which direction your “rocket” will turn next.

If someone in your group does not want to ride, they can still join everyone in the queue where there are new, interactive games, a new glow-in-the-dark spaceport and even brief glimpses of the ride. Prior to refurbishment, the ride “rockets” had reflective decals on the side and you could see more of the ride. These were removed in the new version to allow for even less light, creating a darker and more immersive thrill ride. As with all Disney rides, there is a last minute way to exit prior to boarding the ride as well as a baby swap and an area where you can wait for your party members who have chosen to ride.

I have not had a chance to try the new Space Mountain but Number One Daughter wants to take her friends to Disney this weekend so I might have an opportunity then. If so, I’ll give you an update.

2 Responses to “Space Mountain Re-Opens After Refurbishment”

  1. Pyra Says:

    I road this baby early in December and I have to say… I didn’t see much “refurbishing” in terms of the ride itself. It was still hellavalotta fun! But the darkness part actually went by unnoticed.

    The biggest change is definitely the queue line. I LOVE IT! I think every queue line to should be redesigned to contain interactive elements so that us poor people in line don’t have to always play the alphabet game for 45 minutes.

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