Colin Boyer, Artist



Colin Boyer Presents the Portrait to Condoleezza Rice. Photo Courtesy

At age 19, Colin Boyer has achieved professional acclaim that is rare for an artist twice his age.

He was just commissioned to paint a portrait of former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Colin presented the portrait to Dr. Rice on Monday, February 8, at a press conference just before Dr. Rice spoke to a sold out crowd at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota, FL. The town hall talk was sponsored by the Ringling College Library Association.

Colin is a junior at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL just two hours from Disney World and one of the most prestigious art colleges in the nation. It was just ranked as the number one digital arts college in the world by Imagine, FX. The president of Ringling likes to boast that they have technology which rivals MIT. In fact, he states, the only organization in the state of Florida with more computing power is NASA.

Through a special arrangement with Valencia Community College, Colin was able to complete his first year of college while finishing his senior year of high school. At the Valencia Student Art Show during his senior year of high school, Colin submitted three art pieces all of which won awards including Best in Show and two scholarships.

He has worked as the Lead Photographer for Florida Dream Homes, the most trusted vacation rental home company right beside Disney World. In addition to taking photos of the vacation homes, he was the artistic designer for their website and helped to train the staff on all the artistic elements of the company.

Colin Boyer's Portrait of Condoleezza Rice. Oil on Canvas

It has been a joy to watch Colin, who we also refer to as Number Two son, develop from a fledgling artist with a passion for drawing to a full fledged professional. His dedication and hard work are now being rewarded.

What more can you say about an artist than to acknowledge that his first commission is to paint a portrait of the former Secretary of State?

Wow, what an accomp-lishment!  Congratulations, Colin. We are so proud of you.

You can view a portfolio of Colin’s work at

The next several LanceAroundOrlando posts will focus on Colin’s portrait, his work at Ringling College and the town hall talk by Condoleezza Rice.

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