But Is It Art?


Sculpture on the Ringling Campus

It cost over $20,000 a year to send Number Two Son to one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the cost.

Please understand that LanceAround does not have a critical eye for art. How can I possibly tell if the education Number Two Son is getting at Ringling College of Art and Design is worthwhile?

The answer came one day as we were driving around the campus at Ringling. There, in the middle of the sidewalk, was a structure about three feet tall and two feet in diameter. It was made of wire and other metals. The wire was roughly in the shape of cylindrical container. The metal inside were various pieces of geometric and organic shapes. Frankly, to my untrained eye, it looked like a bunch of junk in a trashcan.

The fact that it was in the middle of the sidewalk–presented in the same way as various sculptures throughout the campus (just like the piece pictured above)–made me think that it had been created as a piece of art. I just wasn’t sure. I wish I had taken a photo of it.

I turned to Number Two Son and asked, “Is that a trash can or a work of art?”

Number Two Son looked into my eyes for a few moments and contemplated the question before responding:

“Is there any reason it can’t be both?”

Yeah, that’s when I became convinced that paying for his education was money well spent!

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