Larry The Cable Guy was in town last month and the Kissimmee CVB gave tickets to Office Manager Anne and Customer Service Guru Giselle from our office.  They had a great time and filed this post.  I am still trying to figure out what Office Manager Anne means when she says, “his routine was…not crude” followed by, “he went through the usual…flatulence jokes…”  hmmmm…

By Office Manager Anne



That was exactly what I said when Giselle in our office said, “You know — Larry the Cable Guy – Git-R-Done!”  

So let me explain…… we had been offered some comp tickets for a show at the Silver Spurs Arena here in Kissimmee and the headliner was Larry the Cable Guy.  I had never heard of him.  After being told who Larry was, LanceAround googled him and we sat through a few minutes of his very active web site.  So Customer Service Guru Giselle, myself and our significant others signed up for tickets.

The show was Saturday night at 8pm.  Silver Spurs Arena hosts the rodeo here in Kissimmee but is also a large venue for other entertainers.   Currently the Osceola Heritage Park, the complex where the arena is located, is home to the Houston Astros for spring training.  Also on the calendar for May 9th is country singer Wynonna Judd.

Anyway I digress, back to Larry! 

We arrived, parked and made our way to the entrance where security checked bags.  Not unusual these days, sad to say.  Customer Service Guru Giselle had to throw away her bottle of water before entering.  Once inside finding our seats was easy.  Then we went to the convenience stands where they had the usual array of snacks to offer.  A popcorn, large pretzel and soda was picked up and we were settled in for the main attraction.

The warm up comedian was quite funny and did his routine getting the crowd ready for Larry.  Larry came on and did stand up for just over an hour.  His routine was colorful but not crude.  Sometimes his very southern accent (which I am sure is not genuine) was hard to understand.  He went through the usual wife, children & flatulence jokes, mixed in with some global warming and light politics. 

Overall it was an easy evening of entertainment.  Thanks to the Kissimmee CVB and Osceola Heritage Park/Silver Spurs Arena.

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