Spreading the Word


With Flashy Creativity, He Draws Your Attention

“Hey, check this out!” 

My cousin, Debby, was in town for a short visit.  We were driving past the back entrance to Sea World on International Drive when we spotted the car above.  I’m not sure what kind of car it is because I was too focused on the combination of cartoon characters, religious icons and referenced sayings plastered on the top and every side. 

At First Glance You Get the Impression That the Car is Covered with Barnacles from Under the Sea

Of course, this was not the first time Mrs. LanceAround and I have seen this car.  Every single time we have driven past the intersection of International Drive and the Central Florida Parkway during the day we see it.  He makes a continual one block circle on International drive, passing through the intersection of the Central Florida Parkway many times each hour. 

This time, however, when we explained to Cousin Debby that we always see him driving here, she makes the mistake of asking out loud, “I wonder why he does that?” 

“Well, let’s find out!” I reply, as I make a quick U-turn and head back towards the unusual car. 

I pull into the cross-way where the car always turns around and await him.  As he pauses to enter the traffic lane I jump out of my car and knock on his driver’s side window. 

“Hi,” I begin, “You have a unique car and we were just wondering what you are doing driving around here in circles?” 

His Personalized License Reads, "To Jesus"

The shy, older man behind the wheel looks a little startled.  I get the impression that not too many people take the time to speak with him or compliment his car. 

“Oh, I’m just spreading the word,” he replies. 

“What word?” I ask. 

“The word about Jesus.” 

“Do you mind if I take your picture for my blog?” I request. 

He asks that I do not photograph him, but he allows me to photograph his car.  I request that he pull off the road so I can get some shots, but he waves me off.  He seems a little nervous.  I don’t want to startle him.  There was so much more that I wanted to ask him.  With his permission, Cousin Debby begins snapping photos as we pull past. 

After all, it’s one of the unique things you might encounter if you ever drive on International Drive past the back end of Sea World in Central Florida.  Now, thanks to LanceAround’s keen investigative journalism, you will know that all he wants to do is to spread the word. 

His methods may be unique.  You might agree or disagree with his message.  But it’s hard not to appreciate his passion and his effort!

4 Responses to “Spreading the Word”

  1. Rusty Says:

    I saw this guy in his car last December on the 192. As we were alongside him, I wound down my passenger window. My father in law was directly next to him, when the guy driving the car raised his arm, which was previously hidden from view…and what should be on it buy a green crocodile like glove puppet, which the guy started waving around, opening and closing its mouth etc. This was utterly hilarious…what a great guy 🙂

    • LanceAround Says:

      Thanks for sharing Rusty. Recently my wife also spotted his car in the Sam’s Club parking lot. It was the first time we had ever seen it outside the small loop he makes on International Drive right at the Central Florida Parkway. LanceAround

  2. Rebecca Wickenden Says:

    We have been to Florida 5 times over the past 8 years and we have seen this car once each time and always at the traffic lights by Seaworld. I have found it very strange as it has always been once a holiday in exactly the same place. It is great to hear a bit about the man who owns the car and the reason he is in the same area all the time. Thanks!

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Rebecca: Thanks for joining the conversation. That guy is really unique. I think we spooked him a little when we spoke to him because he disappeared for a few weeks right after that. But we saw him again a few months later. I notice you have three vacation rental homes in the area. That’s fabulous. You probably know that Mrs. LanceAround and I own Florida Dream Homes, which also provides vacation rental homes to guest who love the Disney World Area of Central Florida. It’s a wonderful industry and I love meeting others who share a passion for providing the vacation of a lifetime to families traveling to this area. All the Best to ya! LanceAround

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