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What do Africa and India Have in Common? Food???

July is a very busy month for the lodging industry in Orlando.  Because of this, it has been a month since my last post.

In addition to the usual summer vacation crowd and the July 4th holiday, it is estimated that over 600 different sports teams converge on Orlando in July.  These include basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and other tournaments.  These events are held in various venues around the Orlando area, such as Disney’s ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, Kissimmee’s Heritage Park complex and Polk County’s new sports complex.

Our vacation rental home business has been extremely busy this July.  As a result, I have not had the opportunity to make any posts.  Don’t worry, I have been gathering information and taking lots of photos.  Starting this week, I will be going back to my normal posting convention of two to three posts per week.

There’s a lot I want to tell you about…

–Mrs. LanceAround and I met with the sales and marketing team for the new Legoland that will replace the old Cypress Gardens theme park.

–We discovered an interesting restaurant that serves only raw food and no sushi. (Yes, you read that right!)

–Have you heard about the new Sesame Street Safari in one of the nearby theme parks? Stay tuned, we’ll tell you all about it.

–What do Africa and India have in common?  Apparently food, as we found out when we dined in a wonderful new restaurant that combines African and Indian flavors. You won’t want to miss this one.

–A new tethered balloon ride soars guests above Disney World property.

–Michael Jackson is back at EPCOT. (In a video show, of course.)

–Ever put on two socks that don’t match? There’s actually a store inside Disney World that intentionally sells socks that don’t match.

As you can see, there’s lots to talk about, so stayed tuned in to LanceAroundOrlando. In fact, please use the button on the right column to subscribe to automatic updates via email.

Finally, to those of you who wrote me during the past month concerned that I have not done any posts I want to thank you, sincerely, for your concern and apologize, profusely, for letting you down.

July is over soon and it’s time for LanceAroundOrlando to get back to work!

You’ll see several new posts shortly, I promise.


6 Responses to “Back to Work”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Glad to see you back, Lance! I’ve missed your posts and will be looking forward to these upcoming topics!

    • LanceAround Says:

      Thanks, Heidi, it’s great to be back. I was looking at your blog at and noticed that you are reading through the entire bible in 90 days. That’s a great idea. Is there a way to get an email update anytime you post to your blog? I’m not very savvy when it comes to this kind of thing. LanceAround

  2. Heidi Says:

    Lance~ I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. 🙂 The Bible in 90 Days has been awesome, so far. I’m about a 1/3 of the way now.
    Just for you – I added a “subscribe via e-mail” note in the sidebar of my blog. Just go to my blog and look in the far right-hand sidebar for the words “Subscribe to Reviews & Reflections via E-mail”. Click on it, and it should take you to a form to fill out for e-mail notifications each time I update. Hope you don’t get too bored!

  3. Amy Says:

    Brooke actually owns a couple of pairs of socks that don’t match! they sell them in 3’s instead of 2’s so that when the dryer “eats one” you will still have a pair!!! We love them (or I do anyway….I don’t have my own pair though!!!) Sorry I missed the store when we were there.
    Hope all is well in the LanceAround household. Love to all!
    PS–Welcome back!

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi brookzmom, it’s good to be back. I haven’t been to the mis-match store in Downtown Disney. My Disney rep was telling me about it. I will blog about it as soon as I get a chance to visit it. Thanks for joining the conversation. LanceAround

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