Raw Food Restaurant–Cafe 118


Cafe 118–Orlando’s Newest Gourmet Raw Food Restaurant

Adherents of the raw food movement believe that cooking food kills healthy, life-giving enzymes. Often raw fooders are vegan and prefer organic ingredients. Vegan is a strict form of vegetarianism where no animal products are consumed, including dairy, eggs, honey, whey and so forth.

Raw food proponents go a step further. They do not heat any food beyond 118°. Hence the name: Cafe 118º.

Joseph Diaz is the owner, operator, chef and–as he likes to point out–occasionally the dishwasher at Cafe 118°.

This unique, raw food restaurant in downtown Winter Park, just north of Orlando, has been open for almost two years. Joseph is quick to say, “This is gourmet raw. The flavors are more impactful, palatable, than the traditional raw.

“This country is having a lot of issues with medical, obesity (particularly childhood obesity), diabetes,” Joseph continues. “Raw food is very clean and very natural. We should all think about getting back to it. We should start eating more whole foods at home, not a lot of processed foods.”

It is clear that Joseph is passionate about this concept and his restaurant is a testament to his passion.

Mrs. LanceAround and I stopped there for a casual lunch. I ordered the lasagna while she tried the taco salad. The lasagna was a layered combination of raw (obviously), sliced zucchini and other veggies interspersed with a creamed nut, herb, pesto and tomato sauces. The taco salad was fresh organic lettuce with beans, corn and a Mexican spiced sauce drizzled on top served over a bed of raw tortilla chips. Both were unique, gourmet and, surprisingly, quite tasty!

We topped off our meal with Coconut Macaroon vegan raw ice cream. The primary ingredient was some kind of young, tender Thai coconut. It was scrumptious!

Raw Food, Fresh, Right Off The Truck

We asked our server where they get all their organic ingredients. She told us that what they don’t get from local vendors is deliverd by Global Organic out of Sarasota. As we were driving down interstate 4 on our way home from the restaurant, we had a serendipitous experience. We noticed we were passing the Global Organic Delivery truck. Did our meal just come from inside that vehicle?

If you are looking for something adventurous and new, we highly recommend trying the raw food at Cafe 118º. Expensive organic ingredients and extensive prep time that includes a lot of dehydration makes for a higher priced meal with smaller portion sizes. But this is one restaurant that will always place a value on quality over quantity.

Plus the great food and unique experience makes it worth the trip!

When you go, let us know if you like it.

Cafe 118º
153 East Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32789

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  1. jane.holls@gmail.com Says:

    My name is Jane Holls. My daughter, Mary Anne, is getting married on May 8, 2011, and a reservation was made by Carole Bowen (the MOG) for a bridesmiad’s luncheon at 12 noon on May 7, 2011. Since I have not received a “contract” or an e-mail confirmation, I wanted to be sure that we are on your schedule for that date. There will be approximately 15 ladies for the event on May 7 at 12 noon. Please let me hear from you A.S.A.P. to confirm our reservation. Thank you. Jane Holls 865-804-3935

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