Oysters, Oysters & More Osyters


Homeowner Dennis Says, "Eat 'em Raw & Let 'em Slide!"

[Guest Blog Post–Homeowner Dennis is a lawyer in Illinois who owns this beautiful vacation home right beside Disney World.  Last month, during one of his many visits, he discovered Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar. When he came to my office, he was so ecstatic.  He described it as “a dive” then couldn’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed it!  He give’s us today’s post–LanceAround.] 

By Homeowner Dennis 

Most people either love them or hate them, but oysters seem to be the craze these days. 

In every major city you’ll find a fancy “oyster bar” where you’ll spend 10 bucks for a half dozen of these slimy little mollusks.  They’re served raw, steamed, deep fried, put in chowder or used in all sorts of recipes.  We’ve seen them featured on the food channel in weird eating contests where people will eat hundreds of raw oysters in one sitting. 

A Bar For The Whole Family

 If you are one of those who just loves these little creatures and can’t get enough, or, if you want to see if  you have the fortitude to down a few raw oysters right out of the shell, then you’re in luck.  Right here in Orlando is Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar. 

This place is known by the locals as the best place in Orlando for oysters.  It’s been around for half a century (now being operated by the son of the original owners.) The outside is a plain bar-type building that has some extra sheet metal to make it resemble a shipwreck.  But you’re here for the oysters, not for the ambiance.  The owner says, “People get really upset if we try to change anything–like paint!” 

The oysters are delivered three times a week from the Apalachicola area in the gulf.  Your dining experience begins when you get a table or grab a stool and sit at the cement bar where they spray it down with a garden hose to clean up. 

Lee & Rick's Motto

Start by getting a bucket of fresh, raw oysters (2-1/2 to 3 dozen) for 17 bucks and the server (wearing a T-shirt that says, “I eat’m raw!”) cracks them open faster then you can slide ’em down yer gullet. Grab the oyster shell, add a little lemon or hot sauce, put it to your mouth and LET ‘EM SLIDE…get a napkin from the overhead dispenser, chew on a saltine cracker and start over.  You’re allowed to pause for a drink of ice cold beer, if necessary. 

THIS PLACE IS AN EXPERIENCE.  (Maybe not the BEST experience, but still an EXPERIENCE!) 

Orlando Magazine gave Lee & Rick’s its 2010 Dining Hall of Fame award.  One thing is certain, you’ll get fresh shrimp, crawfish, crab, clams and (of course) OYSTERS–which they sell in any quantity up to a bushel bag.  Don’t expect more than great food–it’s a bar!!  (which is nice because you don’t need to dress up) and it’s OK for children (there’s fries and chicken nuggets.) 

If you want to sit at the bar, get there early! 

Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar
5621 Old Winter Garden Road
Orlando, FL 32811

[Ed. Notes–As you can tell, Homeowner Dennis is a bit of a culinary connoisseur.  At Christmas, he often sends my office frozen authentic Chicago deep dish pizza.  Perhaps I can convince him to write a post about which is the better potato chip–Ole Saltys or Mrs. Fisher’s.  Both are handcrafted in Dennis’ hometown.  He’s sent us cases of both kinds.  My whole office loves opening packages from Homeowner Dennis.–LanceAround] 


2 Responses to “Oysters, Oysters & More Osyters”

  1. Ann McGregor Says:

    Lee and Ricks is our favorite restaurant in Orlando – we have found nothing better, including incredibly expensive ($10 each) gourmet oysters in San Diego at a fancy restaurant. But don’t tell anyone else….the wait is long enough some nights… 🙂

    • LanceAround Says:

      Not to worry about a mad rush to get in line at Lee & Rick’s based on this blog, Ann. My readership probably only consists of a couple dozen friends, some distant cousins, my wife, occasionally my kids and my mom. I’m sure every now and again someone stumbles onto it, finds it useful and they print it out (to put on the bottom of their bird cage, I suppose.) Perhaps there are even times when school teachers surf the net during the school day and come across the blog. Who knows? LanceAround

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