Going To School Using Skype While On Vacation


#1 Daughter Uses Skype To Do Schoolwork While In The Hotel Room

I own a vacation rental home company because I love helping guests have the vacation of a lifetime.

I’m also a big fan of vacationing during the off season when rates are lower, service is more personalized, crowds are sparser and you can get so much more for your money.

Since Orlando is such a family friendly vacation spot, one of the biggest concerns guests express about an off season vacation is taking their kids out of school. They’re afraid their child will miss too much schoolwork.

I decided to put that theory to the test.

When I planned a vacation to Washington D.C. to watch my beloved VT Hokies play Boise State on Labor Day, I made a special arrangement with the teachers at Number One Daughter’s Montessori School. We set up a Skype account so Number One Daughter could join her classroom each morning as well as do all her teacher and classroom interactions online.

Skyping With Her Classmates

Every day Number One Daughter would Skype into her Montessori School at 8:30am to join her classroom’s morning meeting and get her assignments. She would then spend the day doing a mix of schoolwork and vacationing. Her teachers even designed some activities that were specifically related to the Washington D.C. area so there would be a seamless correlation between the vacation she was having and the opportunity to further her education.

Here’s a video of Number One Daughter Skyping with Montessori Teacher Rebecca and her classroom to discuss the literature assignment for the day. I think you’ll agree it proves that a dedicated school teacher and a motivated student can successfully use modern technology to achieve academic enrichment while enjoying the benefits of vacationing during the best value season!

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