Where To Find The Hottest Cars

Hottest Cars Anywhere

Rows and Rows of Every Kind of Car Imaginable

Imagine a museum with over 1750 of the most unusual cars you have ever seen.

The Best Place to Buy a Car

They Have Everything

Imagine a string of huge tents which would dwarf even the largest circus in the world holding rows upon rows of these cars.

Imagine aisle upon aisle of car memorabilia, accessories, clothing and much more.

That’s what the annual Mecum auto auction in Kissimmee is like. You’ll find muscle cars and museum pieces; cars built in the early 1900’s to futuristic autos used in recent sci fi movies. There are motorcycles and minivans, hot rods and love bugs. You name it and if it’s auto related chances are you’ll find it at Mecum.

Certainly you’ll find someone who knows about it and has a passion for it.

Talk a Walk Down Memory Lane

The auction has been in Kissimmee for six years. The first year, it was held in one small tent on a corner of the Osceola Heritage Park complex. Now, it has grown into the second largest Mecum auction featuring over 1750 cars, original auto memorabilia, clothing and other accessories.

The 2011 auction took place from January 26 to 30. Here’s a video that gives you just a small glimpse of the action at this year’s auction:

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