John Lennon Art Show


20 Years Later John Lennon's Popularity Has Not Diminished

The day before Valentine’s Day I surprised Mrs. LanceAround by taking her to see an exhibit of artwork by John Lennon.

The 3 day exhibit was held in an empty storefront on Park Avenue in Winter Park, just north of Orlando. Winter Park is an upscale community. Park Avenue is loaded with art galleries, quaint restaurants and high end boutiques. It’s the perfect place to display John Lennon’s artwork.

There was a healthy crowd inside the gallery. A $2 suggested donation was collected at the door with the all the proceeds going to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission for help with the homeless. The door guardian gave each donor an “Instant Karma” sticker.

Mrs. LanceAround & #1 Daughter Loved the Art

Inside the gallery John Lennon’s music wafted through the air while guests walked around to peruse the artwork.  All of John’s art was done in pen and ink. There were even lithographs of hand written lyrics of some of John’s most popular songs. After his death, Yoko elected to create lithograph reproductions, add color and make some artistic changes to the design elements. Mrs. LanceAround became immersed in Lennon’s art and music and felt transported back in time to the peace, love and rock & roll era.

All the artwork is limited edition lithographs, serigraphs or copper etchings hand reproduced from the original drawings. They can be purchased for between $200 and $20,000. Legacy Fine Arts and Productions is the company hired by Yoko Ono to produce this art show. They travel around the country, producing 25 shows per year. At least six employees from Legacy were hovering through the crowd, eager to engage viewers and talk about the art.

Mrs. LanceAround was in tears. Having grown up during the turbulent 60s, John Lennon holds a special place in her heart. Just as she was turning 30, he was murdered. His message of love & peace, his music and his art have always been a source of inspiration for her.

She has passed along her love of Lennon and the Beatles to her children. Today, Number One Daughter and Number One Son enjoyed this Valentine’s present with her. They spent about an hour walking the exhibit and celebrating the life and legacy of John Lennon.

Just Imagine…

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