Best Go Kart Rides In Orlando Are At Fun Spot


Number One Daughter in the Number 1 Go Kart

For her sweet 16 birthday, Mrs. LanceAround and I took Number One Daughter to Fun Spot to ride the go karts.

She LOVED it.

A friend emailed us that Number One Daughter’s had written the following on her Facebook page: “Today was probably the most fun I’ve had with my parents since I was 12!! Yay for 16! Things are looking up!:)”  Mrs. LanceAround laughed and cried at the same time as she read it.

There are two Fun Spot parks.  One is located right beside Old Town on Hwy. 192 one mile east of Disney World and just across the street from our vacation rental home office.  The other one, where we went, is located in the International Drive area just across from Universal Studios.

Map of the 5 Different Go Kart Tracks

In addition to a ferris wheel and other midway attractions, they have four, huge go kart tracks.  These tracks are several stories high with many twists, turns and hills.

 Go kart rides are $6 a piece.  You can purchase a Track Sampler armband, which gives you 4 go kart rides for $19.95.  If you plan to stay more than an hour, just $34.95 gives you unlimited access to all rides, including the go karts, family and thrill rides, kiddie rides and unlimited play in the arcade room. There are age & height restrictions.

They also have a special where you can go to one Fun Spot on one day, then the other Fun Spot on a later day and do unlimited rides at both for just $54.95.

It’s a fun alternative to the larger (and more expensive) theme parks.  Here’s a video of Number One Daughter enjoying her first ever go kart ride:


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    orlando has some of the best family fun spots…check out

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