O Bliss, The Florida Film Festival 2011


SunnyStefani Lends Her Distinctive Voice To LanceAroundOrlando

[Editor’s Note:  Today we have the pleasure of introducing LanceAroundOrlando’s newest correspondent–SunnyStefani. She comes to us from Lake in the Hills, IL via the Erie, PA campus of Penn State where she received her BA in Communications. SunnyStefani will be covering the 2011 FFF right alongside me. Join us every day, beginning this Friday, for updates on the festival–LanceAround]

You’ll never meet a bigger horror junkie than me! Last year I attended my first film festival, the Eerie [sic] Horror Film Festival. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the VIP pass I was given by my professor, who had produced a film that was showing at the festival.

To my surprise, I have the great and unexpected opportunity to attend my second film festival, the Florida Film Festival, thanks to my new job at an astonishing vacation rental home company. As the newest official blogger for LanceAroundOrlando, I have to confess I have no idea what to expect, aside from seeing some great films (and probably some not so great films.) I couldn’t be more excited.

Hours of endless films and meeting new people is right up my alley. Being surrounded by a sea of people who are just as interested in films as I am brings me to a state of bliss.

If my journey is anything like the experience I had during the Eerie Horror Film Festival, I know I’m in for quite a treat. This will be a wonderful, new opportunity for me because my previous film festival was solely themed around horror films (my absolute favorite.) I am, however, very intrigued to be exposed to movies of many diverse genres. 

I can’t wait to expect the unexpected and get a real flavor for a film festival. I don’t know what the following two weeks have in store for me but I sure am horrified to be a part of it. I mean it!

[We’re so excited to have SunnyStefani joining us for the 20th anniversary of our favorite–The Florida Film Festival. Be sure to check in often to hear Sunny Stefani and LanceAround discuss this all the films and events at this year’s festival.] 

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