Destructive Weekend – Day Two FFF 2011


Don't Get Lost At This Year's Florida Film Festival

I returned home Saturday morning around 2:30 am after a long, exhausting Friday night at the Enzian theatre where I experienced my first film and first party of the FFF. After some well rested sleep, I woke up ready to start day two!

I leave around 2 pm with the intent to make it to the Regal in time to see Kinyarwanda. Surprising, I don’t hit any traffic on I-4 and make it down to Fairbanks Avenue with plenty of time.

I remember turning on Fairbanks with LanceAround and the family the night before. However, that turned into an epic fall as I got lost for two hours within a five mile radius of where I needed to be for the FFF, no thanks to my amazing TomTom GPS system.

I text and call LanceAround to get directions to the theatre … being new in town I’m not as familiar with the area. We have a little bit of a communication problem as he is trying to text me while watching the shorts program. I wasn’t really concerned because I’m a women, I have no problem stopping to ask for directions.

I stopped and talked to about 10 different people, none of which could give me directions to the movie theatre, which I found extremely odd. I knew I was in the right area but no one seemed to know a theatre existed. Still not concerned, I Google the FFF to get a number so I can call and have someone amazing guide me to the correct location.

The first number I called directed me to another number, and so forth and so on. I never ended up talking to a real person and even though the recording said “press 4 for directions,” no directions or address was ever given to me.

After driving around aimlessly for 2 hours with a now dead phone from making numerous phone calls and searching the internet, I hopped back on I-4 to return home, with defeat.

LanceAround seemed to be having rather the same day I was having between zoning out from exhaustion from the night before and the phase cancellation during Thule.

Despite missing two exciting days of the FFF, I’m eager to say I can’t wait to get back to the excitement today with Silver Tongues … if I don’t get lost again that is.

For those of you who are new to the FFF, here are the correct addresses to put into your GPS so you don’t get lost as well:

Regal Winter Park Village 20
210 N. Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Enzian Theatre
1300 S. Orlando Ave
Maitland, FL 32751

When you do come to the FFF this year, be sure to find me and let me know how you like my blog posts!

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