Great Shorts – Day 7 FFF 2011


Several Filmmakers Describe Their Short During The Q&A

One thing that was consistent at the FFF this year was the shorts programs. All of them have been fabulous.

It’s not uncommon for shorts to be a very mixed bag; often excellent films followed or preceded by mediocre films. But not this year. It seems like every short film and every short film program is actually better than the one before. Such is the case with Shorts Program # 3: “Best Foot Forward.”  It’s unusual for me to laugh out loud at a movie. Yet this program had several shorts that caught me rolling in the aisle.

West Of The Moon – Alas, a busy work schedule meant that Number One Son and I missed this short. Too bad. One movie patron identified it as the best one of the lot–and that’s saying something!

The Thief – Likeable short that turns the table on a house robber. Well paced and engaging.

The Interview –  Hilarious futuristic, apocalyptic short about a job interview with what could be the last two people on earth. Great visuals, good dialogue, laugh out loud funny. Great sense of timing and script development.

Victims Of Gravity – Quirky little short. That’s really all I have to say about it. Some interesting filming techniques, but no story to speak of.

Time Freak – Another hilarious futuristic short. I haven’t laughed this much at a film in years.

Mercy, Grace And Crab Meat – If Quentin Tarantino were a mormon, he would have directed this short instead of Reservoir Dogs.

Crazy Beats Strong Every Time – Beautifully filmed, well acted, nicely paced, great technical work all wasted on a story involving characters that I cared nothing for. Good talent gone to waste. Pity.

As she was leaving the theatre, Linda said to me, “I thought they were all really good. I thought the actors were good in Crazy Beats Strong Every Time. But I don’t understand the black culture so I didn’t understand some of the dialogue.”

I’m with Linda, not too much about that movie made sense to me. But aside from that, I really enjoyed this shorts program.

Meanwhile, Number One Son and I head to the Enzian for the last film of the evening–MindFLUX. Stay tuned, that review to follow shortly.

2 Responses to “Great Shorts – Day 7 FFF 2011”

  1. Michelle Steffes Says:

    Thank you for this review, Lance, and for caring about short films! We just finished the website for The Interview and we used a blurb from your site!

    • LanceAround Says:

      You’re welcome, Michelle. Thanks for giving me such an enjoyable time. Your short was very creative and engaging. I enjoyed it very much. LanceAround

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