Terri Who? – Day 10 FFF 2011

Terri and Principal Fitzgerald

Jacob Wysocki and John C. Reilly

Since I was off today, I was actually able to get to the Enzian theatre with plenty of time to talk to eager people waiting to view Terri. I spoke with Nicki and Kim before the film. Nicki has seen movies prior to today at the FFF. She saw Snowman; “I cried the whole time.” Kim said they “reviewed the film and it worked with their schedules.” Nicki proclaimed, “we’re busy women, I wish I had the time to get an all access pass and see more movies.” They’re both excited to view Terri tonight.

Tonight was my first night viewing a film at the Enzian theatre. (Every other film I’ve seen has been at the Winter Park Regal.) I am very excited. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a movie, drinking, and eating dinner at the same time, because I loved it. This is truly the best theatre to watch a movie.

Terri, directed by Azazel Jacobs, is about an overweight, awkward teenager who lives with his Uncle. Terri Thompson would go to school in his pajamas.  (I used to do this as well.) However, Terri did this because his pajamas were comfortable on him and he was uncomfortable with his body. (I just wouldn’t give myself enough time to get ready in the morning.)

Terri is an emotional train wreck. He’s a troubled teenager in high school who is extremely socially awkward. He soon befriends the Assistant Principal, played by John C. Reilly. This movie captured the image of being an outcast.

I, however, did not really enjoy this film. It was very slow and drawn out. The problem I had with the film is that I did not see a point. At the end I was left with no resolution or sense of closure. I just wasn’t feeling it.

I guess for some people enough is just not enough. The same score was used throughout the film which actually worked for me. It reminded me of The Graduate, which only had one soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel.

Despite my disappointment in this film, I enjoyed the FFF overall. I can’t wait for next year and the years to come.

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