The Troll Hunter – Day 10 FFF 2011


Great Special Effects Make This Film Fun To Watch

Since the Florida Film Festival is in Florida (Duh) and right next to Disney World it becomes difficult to watch The Troll Hunter without thinking about the boat ride in the Norway land at EPCOT in Disney World.

And, quite frankly, I like them both–The boat ride in EPCOT and this movie!

My expectations were rather low going into this movie. I constantly heard it compared to The Blair Witch Project–A once in a lifetime concept that, by its very nature, can only work once. And I thought the promo posters made it look amateurish. When the movie starts, not only does it feel like The Blair Witch Project, it feels like a bad spoof of it.

Once you get past that, however, the story begins to grab you. Then, the first Troll appears. Unlike other films of this genre, it seems like telling you a Troll will appear is a spoiler. It’s not. I’m not sure how I can explain that it’s not, just trust me, knowing that you’ll see a troll or two doesn’t ruin the film for you.

Seeing the trolls, however, is what makes the film so incredible. The combination of special effects and good old fashion story telling keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

Yes, the story line is a little contrived. OK, some of the dialogue is stilted. Perhaps one might even find a moment or two that one could refer to as cheesey. But, by and large, this is fundamentally a good film that will delight and entertain you.

Just like the ride at EPCOT. Only cheaper. And it lasts a lot longer.

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