MacDill AirFest


MacDill AirFest is a Great Event for the Entire Family!

[Editor’s Note: Jeff and Kathryn are from the UK. We manage their beautiful vacation home right beside Disney World. We love when they come to visit because they have an adventurous spirit with a delightful sense of humor. (Oops, they’re British so that should be “humour.”) They love reading my blog and they often visit the “more than a mouse”™ off-the-beaten-path places we feature. Last week, they turned the tables on me and discovered a delightful event. It’s the MacDill AirFest, featuring the USAF Thunderbirds, located in the heart of the bay in Tampa. Kathryn was particularly engaging as her face visibly flushed and she fanned herself with her hand while she spoke of the “hot young men in uniform” who seemed to be everywhere throughout the festival–saying all of this right in front of her husband Jeff. Of course I insisted that she write a guest blog post about her experience (with vivid detailed descriptions of these young men that she found so appealing!) At first, she resisted, but after several emails from the LanceAroundOrlando editorial desk (i.e. SunnyStefani) with a stern warning that she had better do as promised or risk having a reduction of the free compensation she had been promised; she relented and provided the following information. (Albeit sans the requested description!)–LanceAround]

By Homeowners Jeff & Kathryn

We are now back from our trip down to Key West and thought we had better do as promised and send you some details on the MacDill Airfest.

Kathryn was Particularly Interested in the Parachutists

The AirFest is held annually at the MacDill Military Air Force Base near Tampa. We arrived to be met with military precision parking–it is suggested that people should get there around the opening times of 8am to be sure of finding a parking space, although the parking area is huge. It is estimated that over 100,000 people attend the AirFest.

The show actually begins around 9am and runs to around 5pm. There were many aircraft on display, including the range of very large cargo/bomber types. Many of these aircraft allowed people to enter them and have a good look round. There were numerous vendor stalls at the grounds, which were selling various foods and drinks throughout the day.

There were also many static displays from all the different aspects of the military Air Force, which Kathryn found to be very interesting as she was able to get up to and personal with the men in uniforms!! [Editor’s note: Wow, Jeff is a much more understanding husband than I am!]

Kathryn Swears This Angular Man is an Actual Parachutist and NOT a Cardboard Cutout!

The actual flying displays included demonstration parachutists, which Kathryn seemed particularly interested in as she had already met one of the display team (see photo–she is the one who is blushing), acrobatic flying, fighter planes both recent and vintage. All this culminated in a fantastic display from the Thunderbird team. Except for the vendors, everything was completely free of charge, including the car parking, which was really great.

All in all it proved to be a fabulous day out.

[Editor’s Final Note: Since Kathryn is an avid reader of this blog, perhaps if you would write a comment requesting more details from her regarding the “men in uniform” whom she so passionately found appealing she will be kind enough to respond…]

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