FFF 2012 Popcorns Blooming


SunnyStefani and # 1 Daughter Chat with FFF President Henry Maldonado

It’s that time of the year again. The 2012 Florida Film Festival is right around the corner. Wednesday was the Official Sneak Preview for this years FFF. I attend along with LanceAround and Number One Daughter. We got to watch a couple shorts and a lot of trailers, but it was really just a tease of what’s to come.

This year features 168 films from 31 countries out of over 1,700 entries. Based on the previews I saw, here are some of my ‘must sees’ of this years festival: Headhunters, First Position, The Gruffalo’s Child, God Bless America, and John Dies at the End.

God Bless America is on my list because of my sick sense of humor (or other people’s lack thereof.) The blood was initially what caught my attention, but it also seems to have a comedic twist about it where I just can’t help but laugh.

I recently started watching a TV show called White Collar. It’s about an art thief and counterfeiter who gets caught and works for the FBI. When I saw the preview for Headhunters, I was automatically drawn to this film for the resemblance and the action. You can’t live a luxurious lifestyle without stealing art, right?

After the Sneak Preview Henry Maldonado, the President of the Florida Film Festival, stops by our table to say hello. Henry’s enthusiasm is always infectious. He really loves movies. Although he even teases himself about his propensity for going on and on as he speaks, it always makes me smile to see what a big kick he gets out of every film he sees.

Henry asks us to reach out to all our readers and remind them that the Florida Film Festival is very personable and friendly. Tickets are only $10 a film; about the same as any other night at the movie. And these are excellent films that rarely don’t get seen in wide release at your local theatre. If you’ve never seen a movie at the Florida Film Festival, Henry asks us to remind you to give it a try this year.

LanceAround promises Henry we’ll spread the word for him.

My personal love for horror films continues to grow every day, and this year appears to have some ‘mind blowing’ films that I must see! April 13 – 22 can’t come soon enough for me. I hope to see you there.

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