Monsieur Lazhar – Day 2 FFF 2012


From NumberOneEmber
Everyone seems to love Monsieur Lazhar. Well, I must have missed a major component of it. While the story was touching, there didn’t seem to be any other point, besides having to say “goodbye” even when you never want to go–or let go. It’s possible that this is just what everyone else loved about the film, but I, being a person who’s had to say goodbye far too many times, didn’t react nearly as emotionally as many other audience members. After a second viewing, I’m sure I can more accurately explain my reaction, or non-reaction, to this Oscar-nominated foreign film.

From ThatGuyRoberto
Monsieur Lazhar made me feel like I’ve been stabbed in the heart. The heaviness, overall, made me feel empty. Yet at the same time, it made me realize that every moment of every day with everyone is priceless. I can’t say any specific part made me feel this way, just the movie overall. It was powerful–extremely powerful. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone I know simply for the message of it.

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