My First Experience at the Florida Film Festival – Day 2 FFF 2012


[NumberOneEmber’s Note: ThatGuyRoberto is a close friend of mine -the same age as myself- who joined LanceAround, SunnyStefani and I on our adventures at the FFF today. We watched Shorts 1 and Karame. Here is ThatGuyRoberto’s reviews of the films he saw]


Shorts 1
I have a horrible memory and honestly can’t remember half of the shorts, but the one short that I do remember was The Other Side. It was moving, but in a different way than would be considered moving. The fact that no matter when the main character kicked the ball over the wall, it always came back even though the two towns were separated. The movie touches all the major problems that people face nowadays: bullying, wars, separation, loss, etc. I noticed they don’t say how he losses his brother; maybe to make the audience think. We hope that he was separated by the wall like in the boy’s dream. Perhaps he really was separated from his family when the wall went up.

As for the other shorts, like Mouthful, they may have had good acting. However, I didn’t like the subject. Otherwise, The Other Side was the only film I remember.

Then NumberOneEmber reminds me, “What about Queen?”

“Oh, Queen.” I reply.

What isn’t there to say about Queen? This was a moving story about the troubles of a -for lack of a better word- Drag Queen who sings at what seems to be a gay bar, a bouncer trying to find his way in the world, and the struggles that face them in the aftermath of Nikki’s (the main Queen) break up with ‘her’ partner. I loved it. I felt sorry for Nikki, but the bouncer really should have been more helpful.

On another note, the next movie I saw began with the short documentary, Maurice. It was beyond awkward because I was in the accompaniment of NumberOneEmber’s father, coworker and her. I’m glad I won’t be seeing anything like that again outside the Florida Film Festival. It’s not that it was bad, just awkward.

Next, Kumare. This was the best movie I’ve ever seen in the history of my life – second only to the Star Wars Saga. Why? Because it pointed out that people are ignorant, blind, and that the good in man is found within man and not in the words of another man. I find it interesting that Kumare managed to trick all those people into believe he was a guru when he blatantly told them that he was a fake and just a simple man. When he did truly reveal himself, I wasn’t angry so much as disappointed with the 4 people turned their backs on him after he had shown them that they can be anything they wanted to be as long as they believed in themselves and became their own guru. It’s disrespectful that they did this, especially when they don’t try to understand his motives; they just walked out. Yet, I loved this movie.

That’s my view of the festival.

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