Reflections on MegaCon 2013

NumberOneEmber and Boyfriend Adolfo in Full Costume

NumberOneEmber and Boyfriend Adolfo in Full Costume

[Editor’s Note:  LanceAroundOrlando correspondent, the newly-turned-18-year-old and most beloved daughter NumberOneEmber, took a troop of friends to this year’s MegaCon at the Orange County Convention Center. Here are their reflections about one of the country’s most popular comic book, sci-fi, anime, fantasy and gaming conventions–expressing themselves in a way that only teenagers can.]


Chillin at MegaCon

Chillin at MegaCon

MegaCon is the one time of year when I can get together with my friends and go to a place where there is something for everyone. From anime to superheroes, videogames and literature, it is that one place where you belong. You feel accepted and loved. It is a completely positive environment. Free hug signs are everywhere from people with huge smiles on their faces. Elaborate costumes, that you know had weeks of efforts put into them, are donned by all sorts.

You Got Me!

You Got Me!

My boyfriend, Adolfo, and I decided to dress as corresponding enemies from the hit title, Assassin’s Creed 3. Needless to say, we were a major hit. Multiple pictures were taken of us; we even had a Tumblr post about us from someone who took our picture – our friend stumbled upon that Megacon Tumblr. It was so exciting for me because, after three years of going to MegaCon, I have never worn a costume that was this popular.

Honestly, the best part about having our picture taken so much for me was seeing their reactions to Adolfo’s homemade hidden blade at his wrist. The metal blade extends when he moves his arm, making a sound similar to a sword coming out of its sheath. There are expressions of “That’s awesome!”, “Did you make that?”, and “Where did you buy it?” He explains that he made it from a dresser drawer hinge. It is always a crowd pleaser and wonderful to watch.

Colorful Costumes

Colorful Costumes

Adolfo had been working on his costume since last October. I had started mine about three weeks ago. It is obvious the amount of work that he put into his. I think that is what people at MegaCon truly appreciate; they like to see effort and a love for the subject matter you are depicting. It is this feeling of love and obsession that runs the whole show. We all have things we are passionate about. At MegaCon, passion is held above all else. That is what creates the positive energy which makes this event so worth attending, so worth making costumes for and so worth the money I  spent on it. I love MegaCon and fully intend to go next year as well.


Lots of Work on Costumes

Lots of Costume Work

Seeing all the interesting people dressed in every costume you can think of is wonderful. It is a great place to go to in order to feel like you fit in when you do not fit in anywhere else in your life. You feel accepted and there’s the feeling of connections. It is the one place where being a nerd is a good thing; it is like the biggest nerd is the best. And of course the stores; where you can find comics and manga, and amazing artwork for great prices  you can’t find anywhere else.

Tori Loves MegaCon

Movie Star Tori

We didn’t really go to many panels, but there are great panels out there.

Downsides. If you don’t like crowds, it is not a good place to go. Also, if you do not like people taking pictures of you. But if you do like to feel really, really special it is a great place to go because you are like, I feel like a movie star. Those are my thoughts.


Adolfo Gets Into It

Adolfo Gets Into It

I liked everything, especially seeing so many people in costumes; it is interesting and fun. Everyone always seems to be so happy and involved. I really liked seeing and hearing people’s reactions to our costumes. A lot of people comment on my costume. They would say “you are some [freakin] nice cosplayers” and everything. It meant a lot because I worked really hard on it. Even though I didn’t feel like I had finished my costume, I liked the positive reactions that it got.

Dr. Horrible Show

Dr. Horrible Show

We did not go to many panels, but I really liked Crazy Random Happenstance’s shadowcast of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I liked how people in the audience would yell out random and funny comments at the screen and sing along to the songs. It really added to the experience. I am not really into MegaCon for its panels or shopping, but for the atmosphere. There’s a lot of positive energy. In general, I just like it.

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