Love Shack & BBQ — Day 2 FFF 2013

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

After three hours of sleep from the opening night extravaganza I find myself back at the Enzian to view Sugar Shack and Pride & Joy for day two of the festival. Again, not something on my list, but I’m glad I got to view both of these films.

Of course before the film we bumped into the president of the FFF, Henry, who when asked what he thought of the opening night film said it’s the “top three opening nights, maybe even number one.”

Sugar Shack
What would I not put maple syrup on . . . It’s even good on peanut butter. That pretty much describes this 13 minute short based entirely on maple syrup at the Sugar Shack. Even though a normal season is only 6 – 8 weeks long, they produce 1,500 – 1,800 liters of maple water. At the Sugar Shack, they believe there’s a real power in the beautiful maple trees that give off strength.

Co-star Will Harris and Director Joe York

Co-star Will Harris and Director Joe York

Pride & Joy
A documentary that celebrates the traditional foods of the South. Food is a story, it talks and unities communities/people. After the film there was a Q & A session with director Joe York and co-star Will Harris. When a member of the audience asked Joe what was the best BBQ he said he used to not answer that question, but “screw it, Scott’s BBQ is the best.”

“There was a lot of places that didn’t make it into the film, tons of stuff, but I want you to be entertained and having fun and hopefully you learned something along the way. It was about the entertainment value every 5 minutes so you don’t fall asleep or walk away,” said Joe.

Overall, both films were very entertaining and humorous and the main thing to take away is that food is the lens through which you view the culture; it’s tied to identity.

Unfortunately if you missed this viewing, it’s not playing again at this year’s FFF so you’ll just have to take my word.

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