I Declare War – Day 7 FFF 2013

General PK in I Declare War

General PK in I Declare War

This childhood war based game, I Declare War, consists of Generals and their teams in a combat like make-believe battle of capture the flag. A neighborhood group of friends use real guns and dodge grenades whizzing past them, at least in their imagination. In reality, they’re using grenade launches made from branches and air riffles.

IDeclareWarOne evening, the game takes a serious tone as the battle to win overcomes one of the boys, Skinner. The kids would torture and beat each other up; they even set someone on fire. This intense and suspenseful film pushes friendship to its limits as it blurs reality with fantasy.

I was amazed with the acting of the cast as they were all younger pre-teens. It was also very well scripted and the special effects were much better than I was expecting. Jess, the only female in the war, tried to out smart everyone by using strategy like when she plays chess. Although it was all children in the film, they had a very pre-teen mouth making comments like, “Sorry about the asshole thing.” “When did you call me an asshole?” “I didn’t but I was thinking it.”

This was my first film that did not have a Q & A session afterwards which is always depressing. However, I talked to moviegoer Mike from Orlando after the film who has seen numerous films at this years festival thus far. “I really like it; the different twist on childhood games,” said Mike. He continued to talk about specific parts of the film which I’ll leave out as to not spoil it for everyone but ended with “friendship is hard to come by.”

Unlike this film, true friends can stab you in the front.

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