Mud – Day 8 FFF 2013

Matthew McConaughey Stars in Mud

Matthew McConaughey Stars in Mud

This intense and emotional film is about two teenagers who venture off to explore an island off the Mississippi River. It is rumored to have a boat high up in the trees which was caused by a flood some years back. Mud, played by Matthew McConaughey, is a rough yet charming felon wanted for the murder of a man. He befriends the two teenagers, Ellis and Neckbone, to help him fix up the boat and secure a getaway with his one true love, Juniper, played by Reese Witherspoon. “Ain’t that something’, a boat up in a tree. It’s a hell of a thing ain’t it,” says Mud.

This family, friendship based suspenseful film is a “good ole Americana,” said audience member Ted. There’s a lot of trash that flows down the river; you have to know what’s worth keeping and what’s worth getting rid of.

Matthew McConaughey put on a spectacular performance; I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s put up for an Oscar. Although the film could probably have been cut down removing some unnecessary subplots, it’s a must see; a true art form with great acting and directing.

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