Westley, the Dread Pirate Roberts vs. Saw’s Dr. Gordon – Day 10 FFF 201

NumberOneEmber Interviews Cary Elwes at the FFF

NumberOneEmber Interviews Cary Elwes at the FFF

The FFF was so close to the Easter Holiday (which is our busiest time at Florida Dream Homes) so I wasn’t as prepared this year as in the past. However, perusing the FFF website I came across a guest appearance from Cary Elwes, star of The Princess Bride. Although this movie is a classic and one of my favorites, it’s not the reason I’m so excited. It’s Cary Elwes, Dr. Gordon from the Saw movie series, and we all know my obsession with horror films. Of course at this point all the tickets have already been sold out. A little disappointed, I figured LanceAround would be able to snag a ticket or two . . . or eight! (See the description of how LanceAround managed this feat by clicking here!)

The Enzian Marquee

The Enzian Marquee

OJ and I arrive at the Enzian a hour before “A Brunch with Cary Elwes featuring The Princess Bride.” I had originally only planned on showing up a half hour before, but LanceAround said that wouldn’t nearly be early enough. When we arrived, I was shocked as to how many people were already standing in line. I was on the phone with Chris (my best friend in the entire world, additional post still to come) telling him how excited I was. He asked if people were dressed up. My response, “We’re not at a Star Trek convention!” We meet up with LanceAround and his family as everyone flocks into the theatre to find the best sets since it’s first come first serve. Somehow, we manage to score six seats together, in a very good section.

This is NOT a Star Trek Convention

This is NOT a Star Trek Convention

The Enzian has provided a special brunch menu for this show. LanceAround and Mrs. LanceAround have offered to pay for everyone’s brunch, so we enjoy the French Toast, omelets, fruit & yogurt, bagels and other assorted foods. Although I was starving,  I’ve had better food at the Enzian.

The Princess Bride came out the year before I was born. I’ve seen it so I just assume everyone reading this has seen it as well. If not, I don’t know what your problem is. This movie is a classic and you should have seen it by now.

What I didn’t expect was how enjoyable it was to watch the movie in a room full of strangers who enjoy it as much as I do. And seeing it on the big screen is also a huge plus. Everyone in the theatre was really enjoying the film. They anticipated all the great lines and laughed long and loud at every joke.


Cary signs Autographs

The movie ends and it’s time for the Q & A session with Cary. I’m very antsy.  I know everyone is excited about watching The Princess Bride and celebrating the 25th anniversary with Cary, meanwhile I’m stoked I get to meet the famous Dr. Gordon of Saw.

Cary comes on stage and is welcomed by the sold out theatre with a standing ovation. There’s a moderator who introduces Cary and tells us that he was born in London. Questions from the audience, including LanceAround of course, pile in. I won’t tell you what LanceAround asked as his question was the highlight of the Q & A and OJ will write an entirely separate post on this. You won’t want to miss it!

Question: “Throughout your career you seem to play more hero type characters.”

Answer: “Comedies are more fun to make, you laugh your way through the role,” said Cary. “I take every role very serious and I try not to play the same role too often,” Cary continues to say. “I was drawn to comedy as a kid, it was a big influence for me.”

Cary Responds to Questions

Cary Responds to Questions

Question: “Do you ever still watch it (referring to The Princess Bride)?”

Answer: “I don’t really watch my movies much. I kind of have this thing . . . if I’m in it, I don’t need to watch it,” replies Cary. “The movie didn’t make that much money in the theatres. VHS is where the movie took off . . . it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Question: “This will probably be the role that you will be most associated with and remembered for. How do you feel about that?”

Answer: “Like I said, I’m blessed. If they put on my tombstone ‘As you wish’ I’m fine with that!” Audience breaks out into applause.

Question: “Do you have any regret stories, whether it was a role that you turned down or any regrets?”

Answer: (Cary answers quickly, before the questioner even stopped asking her question)  “I don’t live in regret.” At this point the audience explodes into applause.

After the Q & A, we follow the crowd outside. NumberOneEmber has gone ahead and is already standing in line for the meet and greet with Cary Elwes. It’s almost 90 degrees outside and the line is wrapped around the sidewalks. (Here’s a short video of Cary signing autographs with the Florida Dream Homes and LanceAroundOrlando Teams.)

All the hundreds of people inside at brunch are now waiting for a picture and autograph from the man in black, Dread Pirate Roberts. Luckily, we were well within the first twenty people in line so the wait wasn’t more than thirty minutes. Of course, after I made fun of my best friend Chris for asking if anyone was dressed up, there ends up being a woman dressed as “The Man in Black” standing in line.

Everyone Wanted to Meet Westley, But I Knew I was Meeting Dr. Gordon

Everyone Wanted to Meet Westley, But I Knew I was Meeting Dr. Gordon

The next thing I know, we’re up next! I’m with NumberOneEmber and OJ and we’re taking a group picture with Cary. He is so sweet, caring and spending time getting to know each and every one of us. We take individual pictures next and he signs our tickets and press passes. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet him and he was such a great sport. I know everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. It was definitely an amazing way to end the FFF. I look forward to what next year has to bring.

Cary Writes "As You Wish" on my Ticket and Press Badge

Cary Writes “As You Wish” on my Ticket and Press Badge

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