Congressman John Mica Attends Opening Night at the 2014 FFF

Congressman Mica with the LanceAround Family

Congressman John Mica of Florida’s 7th District Meets with Grammy LanceAround, NumberTwoSon and Mrs. LanceAround

We’re here at the opening night film of the FFF. Everyone enjoyed the hilarious comedy, The Trip to Italy, which has just concluded.

The FFF is no stranger to dignitaries and stars, usually from Hollywood and the entertainment industry. But today, from the halls of power in Washington D.C., we have with us U.S. Congressman John Mica representing the 7th district here in Central Florida. Congressman Mica just finished watching The Trip to Italy. Judging from all the laughter around us, he seemed to really enjoy it.

After the movie, Congressman Mica met with the LanceAround family and allowed us a brief interview:

LanceAround:  Congress Mica, welcome!

Congressman John Mica: Well, it’s good to be at the 2014 Florida Film Festival and a great kickoff here!

LA: What brings you to the FFF this year?

CJM: It was courtesy US Air and a flight that just got in. [Everyone around us chuckles] and I can assure you that the film festival will be a great success and Washington and the Federal Government had nothing to do with it.

LA: During the initial introduction, Henry Maldonado, president of the FFF, said that you’re not just here as a representative of Congress but that you are a patron of the Enzian Theatre. Can you tell us about that.

CJM: I’m a patron of the arts, I like to think. I wanted to especially come tonight because my family on my mother’s side is Italian and I loved seeing The Trip to Italy tonight. It was a great kickoff for me. Not only was the film great but to see the food–I think I gotta go home and cook myself some pasta.

LA: Each year the FFF grows in stature and this year is no exception. Congressman, thank you so much for being here tonight and for the efforts that you put forth to support the arts here in Central Florida.

CJM: Thank you, A great night and I hope everyone gets out to enjoy a lot of the great films that are going to be shown.

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