Shorts Program I – Day 2 FFF 2014

Elijah Wood Caps Off an Excellent Shorts Program

Elijah Wood Caps Off an Excellent Shorts Program

How do famous filmmakers become famous filmmakers? Many of them go to prestigious film schools that often require them to create a short film as part of their graduation thesis. They pour all their energy into this film, and perhaps many more like them, as they learn their craft. The FFF is inundated with hundreds of these short films which they then screen and select only the best for their audience. Of course, there are many filmmakers who make a career out of only creating short movies. But it is rare for shorts to appear at movie theatres.

For these reasons, the shorts programs at the FFF are often some of the most popular. Day Two was no exception as the Shorts Program 1: Perfect Day included seven shorts which Mrs. LanceAround, Grammy LanceAround, NumberOneSon and NumberTwoSon all agreed were top notch!

Fool’s Day
A fourth grade class decides to play an April Fool’s prank on their teacher. When it goes horribly wrong, the class is confronted with a real mess to clean up-before the police officer shows up for D.A.R.E. This dark comedy has some pacing and directorial issues, but was clearly an audience favorite as there was a lot of laughter throughout the film.

Pawn Shop Feels Like a Prison-Great Metaphor!

Pawn Shop Feels Like a Prison-Great Metaphor!

Cash For Gold
Very well made film about a desperate woman, a pawn shop, and a shopkeeper who struggles to find his conscience. Excellent productions values and very well directed. This one pulls at the heart strings.



The Bravest, The Boldest
Another very well made film. Once again there is excellent directing and great production values. This short film creates some very deep and moving characters in a short amount of time. Thoughtful and poignant.

A nighttime chronicle of a man and woman, with no dialogue, who seem to find very intimate beauty in the city streetscape. But are they dreaming? And what happens when they meet each other when they are awake? Fabulous images provide a romantic, artistic backdrop to this excellent short.

The Immaculate Reception
The most famous play in the history of the National Football League becomes the backdrop for two Pittsburgh teenagers making a play of their own. Period piece that does a great job of capturing a possible family scenario. Shot in 16mm, the home movie format adds a touch of realism making this film a true trip back in time for anyone who remembers that moment in history.

Milk and Blood
Father and son relationship are explored in this subtitled foreign language film. Yet another very well made film with wonderful production values that made it very enjoyable to watch. Although few audience members will be able to relate to the specific story of milking cows every morning, every father and son will relate to the difficulties in trying to work together with members of your family.

Setup, Punch
Amusing tale of a stand up comic who appears to struggle with the development of his professional career in accordance with his personal priorities. The title gives a little hint that this short may have some unexpected twists and turns for the both the comedian and the audience who watches him–both in the film and at the theatre! Stand out performance by Elijah Wood provides the added oomph that makes this film very memorable.


At the end of the shorts, filmmaker Charlotte Glynn, writer and director of The Immaculate Reception and Alma Enriquez, one of the executive producers of Cash For Gold were available for some Q & A.

Charlotte was asked about the inspiration for her film. She sheepishly acknowledged that she was not even born when the famous football play occurred and, therefore [Spoiler Alert] did not lose her virginity on that day.  However, she acknowledged that after moving to Pittsburgh when she was 12 she gradually became immersed in the football culture and found beauty there.

Alma, from Cash For Gold spoke about how her movie creates a very real moment that many people can relate to during this period of economic unrest.

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