The Kill Team – Day 6 FFF 2014

Does This Man Look Like a Murderer to You

Does This Man Look Like a Murderer to You

In 1986 the movie Platoon won the Academy Award as the best picture of the year. It tells the story of a military platoon in Vietnam that becomes divided when a crusty soldier allows others to rape villagers and illegally kills innocent people.

The feature documentary, The Kill Team, by Dan Krauss, bears a eerily and strikingly similar story to that movie. Specialist Adam Winfield is with the military in Afghanistan when his unit falls under the leadership of Sergeant Gibbs. Things began to happen that disturb Adam. It seems like everyone in his unit has became intent on killing Afghans–whether they are guilty of anything or not.

Adam claims he was threatened to be silenced, permanently, if he did not join in the activities. Fearful for his life, Adam texts his parents and asks for their help. Many phone calls to the military are unhelpful. Meanwhile the situation in Afghanistan is coming to a head. When Adam finally arrives back in the US, he thinks it is all finally over. But as he exits the plane, he is arrested, charged with first degree murder and finds himself facing the possibility of life behind bars.

This haunting and detailed documentary skillfully exposes all the story behind the national headlines. Was Adam a hero or a murderer? A whistleblower or a coward? The movie is careful to lay out all the facts without passing judgment.

Very well done and worth a look for anyone who wants to see behind the headlines and into the real world our military faces on a daily basis.

Token Exchange

In the 60’s and 70’s young men lived in fear of the dreadful Vietnam draft. To avoid being drafted, one man enlisted in the New York National Guard and, miraculously, was admitted the day he received his notice to report for duty for the draft. Along with his notice came a subway token to allow him transportation to the reporting station. When he informed the military that he was already in the National Guard, the resulting reply was all about what to do with the Subway token. A funny and very short film.

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