Advice From a Vacation Rental Homeowner, Part 2

Majestic Crane Outside David & Heather's Florida Vacation Home

Impressive Crane Outside David & Heather’s Florida Vacation Home

[Editor’s Note: In today’s Part 2 guest blog, Heather Newham shares about the natural wildlife she discovers when her and her husband, David, enjoy their vacation rental home. It’s wonderful to read a post by someone from the United Kingdom; complete with references that may sound strange to American ears, such as a “villa” instead of a “home” or “rubbish bins” instead of “trash cans”–LanceAround]

We are so lucky to have a villa in Crescent Lakes that overlooks the conservation area. It’s an area of natural beauty, lit up at night by the glow worms, masquerading as holiday tree lights…I was shocked when I first saw them, but they are so beautiful.

We have a pool at our villa, so we spend a lot of time in the water enjoying the view. If you are very quiet you might be lucky enough to see a deer!..Two of our guests have told me that they have seen them, but I haven’t. We do see racoons quite often, and I love them, but people who live here see them as pests. I must admit they do have a great liking for exploring rubbish bins!! We often see egrets wandering around as well as the impressive cranes, which appear almost tame. Look out for the turkey buzzards that fly overhead. They can open and overturn your rubbish bins faster than racoons. The beautiful hummingbirds love the trumpet yellow flowers we planted in the hedge to keep our lanai lovely and private. You could actually bathe sans suit–except I’ve been told it’s against Florida law to do so…!!!

View From Our Pool Deck

Eduado On Our Pool Deck

I love visiting garage/yard sales when we are here on a Saturday or Sunday. They are a fascinating insight into American life! My husband thinks I’m absolutely bonkers…but he comes with me, if only a bit reluctantly…I would like to introduce you to ‘Eduado’…He is our magnificent cactus that lives in the corner of our Lanai. I’m only telling you this because we bought him in a garage sale !! See…I told you garage sales are awesome!

We just had the screened cage over our pool repaired, so nothing can enter the lanai without permission….But the beautiful lizards try very hard to get in. Don’t do what my young son did once upon a time…Don’t try to catch them. Because when they feel threatened they discard their tails…Poor Josh had nightmares for some time when that happened to him. It took me ages to convince him that they re-grow them!!


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