FFF 2015 Welcome to Leith



Nixon’s Coming
A very short documentary about the time Richard Nixon unexpectedly left the White House early one morning to meet with anti-war protestors at the Lincoln Memorial. Factual and incredibly interesting, the movie interviews one of the young men who was photographed with Nixon along with his two female companions.

After the movie, Mrs. LanceAround reminds me that it could have been her in one of those photographs. When she was in college in Virginia, she  participated in two anti-war protests in Washington. But she never saw Nixon.  What an interesting connection.

Welcome to Leith
“Did you see the look on the faces of the theatre goers as they exited the theatre?,” asks Mrs. LanceAround.  She points out that everyone looked dazed and she herself felt stunned. This was an incredibly powerful documentary that detailed a small town in North Dakota that was overtaken by a well known…or should we say infamous…white supremacist leader who purchased property in the town with the sole purpose of taking control of the town’s governmental body of the small, 24 member community. He wanted to implement his own Aryian “intentional community” as he called it. Filmed by local graduates of UCF and Florida, it had its world premier here at the FFF.

It will be shown again on Tuesday and the filmmakers will be attendance. It is one documentary that you don’t want to miss. As many of the film goers said as they exited the theatre…”shocking,” “disturbing,” and “an excellent movie.”

Reactions From the Audience
“Not right now, I can’t talk about it,” replies one movie goer.

“No thanks,” says another.

Several of the film goers wouldn’t comment…or couldn’t comment. It was as if it was too painful to make a comment about the movie. And those who did had to stop and collect themselves before speaking. You could almost see their internal struggle between wanting to praise it for the great film that it was but then feeling guilty because they didn’t want to say something good about a movie that was about something so evil.

Mrs. LanceAround and I walk out of the theatre and into the lobby in our effort to find someone willing to go on the record and let us know their thoughts about this film.

“It was really good. Powerful,” says the man. “Disturbing,” chimes in the woman. When I asked how I should identify them in the blog, they reply they are long time FFF platinum passholders. When I asked them to rank this among all the documentaries they’ve seen over the years, the man replied, “It’s up there. It’s a really good one.”


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