FFF 2015 Day 3 Shorts Program 4: Wake Up Little Susie

Hilariously Thought Provoking Film

Limbo: A Hilariously Thought Provoking Film

It was 2:30 in the morning after Day 2 at the Florida Film Festival and Mrs. LanceAround and I were putting the finishing touches on our blogposts when we received a call from NumberOneSon. He was attending MegaCon at the convention center and the huge rainfall turned the overflow parking area into a swamp. His car was stuck. In the end, we managed to push it out when two strangers were kind enough to assist…then left without accepting any payment. But with only two hours of sleep, we weren’t in the best shape for today’s movies.

Perhaps that is the main reason we found this group of shorts pretty adolescent and immature. Usually, in any shorts program, there are at least a few movies that are enjoyable. We realize that many audience members really liked some of these films. We also realize that many of them were younger, mostly males. ***Sigh*** Maybe we’re just getting too old.

The Peter Party
A trio of office workers have a workplace conversation that could easily result in sexual harassment lawsuit! Funny, but not for the squeamish.

What if, when you die and go to paradise you don’t know why? And what if discovering the answer would cause you to leave paradise? Is it worth it to find out?

There was a one night stand, but something went wrong. Was it consensual? Can anyone explain how the man wound up on top of the woman, both of them bleeding from the head and her just in her panties?


Did Racial Profiling Help?

White Police Office, Black Male

There’s a lot of news these days about police racially profiling black people. Is that what happened in this movie? It has an interesting and unexpected twist. A difficult film to watch in this day and age.

Stay Awake
The holidays are always a depressing time for some people. In this movie, an addicted mother provides challenges for her two sons. While it won the Jury Award for Best Narrative Short at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival, I personally found the title prophetic. True, I only had two hours of sleep the night before so maybe that’s why I couldn’t…Stay Awake.

Several members of the audience clearly loved this film. Afterwards, I ran into a FFF worker who said they used 300 gallons of blood for this very short movie. Tarantino might have liked it. I personally did not.

Blood Below the Skin
Coming of age movie about teenage girls and their relationships with boys, each other, their mothers and dirty old history teachers at school.

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