FFF 2015 Day 9 Do I Sound Gay?

Does He??? --  Yes, He Does!

Does He??? — Yes, He Does!

If you can’t handle the answer, then that’s a question you absolutely should be asking!

That sentence sums up the philosophy of David Thorpe, who created this documentary based on the insecurity he felt regarding how his voice and vocal inflections sound. The film was primarily a series of hilarious interviews and media snippets, mostly with gays. It revolved around characteristics that have become stereotypical of gay interactions. It provides amazing insights into some of the psychology behind how people think, act and talk and how these shape who they are and how those around them respond.

It includes very moving interactions, sorrowful recollections, shocking moments of extreme flamboyancy and many poignant scenes of love and acceptance. Although the film is a little monotonous and one dimensional, it was obvious from those around us that the audience connected with it.

Of course, the most common question that everyone was asking at the conclusion of the film was, “Do I sound gay?” Often, the answer was, “Yes!”

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