FFF 2015 An Evening With Sam Rockwell Featuring Moon

Sam Rockwell is Interviewed on the Enzian Stage

What is the Most Quoted Movie Line of All Time–In Your Family?

Everyone who loves movies, has their favorite movie quote. It’s so ubiquitous, the American Film Institute even has a list of the top 100 movie quotes of all time. Number One on the list is, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” from Gone With the Wind. Number Two is, “I’m goinna make him an offer he can’t refuse,” from The Godfather. Not in the LanceAround family! The most quoted movie line in our household was actually spoken by Sam Rockwell. You can hear him make a guess as to what it is below. First, let’s talk about the movie we saw tonight (which does not have our favorite quote) and Sam’s interactions with the FFF faithful.

Moon is a 2009 sci-fi thriller about Sam Bell, a solitary worker on the moon coming to end of his three year contract to mine a newly discovered energy source. He’s looking forward to going home but an accident causes a series of events and discoveries that turns his lonely existence upside down. Sam Rockwell stars as Sam Bell and Kevin Spacey voices the sophisticated computer, GERTY, that assists him. The story was conceived and directed by Duncan Jones with stunning art direction by Hideki Arichi and Cinematography by Gary Shaw.

After being treated to this wonderful film, Sam Rockwell came onto the Enzian stage for an interview and audience Q & A.

Sam Takes Questions From the Audience

Sam Takes Questions From the Audience

“Thank God for Duncan Jones,” said Sam, “He really gave me a great part.” Sam goes on to say that Duncan offered him a “bad guy” role in a movie, but he was tired of playing the bad guy. Duncan asked him what he wanted to play and he replied, “Sci-fi.” He goes on to describe his role in Moon as a “working class” sci-fi character. Kevin Spacey did not accept the role of the computer voice for GERTY until after the film was shot.

Sam’s parents were in the industry, that’s how he got started. While it was in his blood, he says he took it for granted until, at the age of 24, when he took a course with Bill Esper, the world’s foremost studio dedicated to Meisner-based actor training.

Many movie goers became familiar with Sam from his breakout performance in Galaxy Quest. He portrayed an aging actor who once had a bit part in a very popular sci-fi TV show but is now relegated to signing autographs for die hard “Questarians” at their annual conventions. His spunky, energetic performance earned him high praise.

During the Q & A, LanceAround told Sam that in the LanceAround Household, the most popular repeated movie quote is one of his. Here’s a video of LanceAround encouraging Sam to guess which quote might be the family favorite:

It was clear the audience at the Enzian loved Sam. One of them said they noticed that Sam dances in a lot of his roles and insisted he stand up and dance. Another kept asking him to bartend at the Enzian bar after the show, just like Cloris Leachman had done back in 2012. One encouraged him to direct a movie, but Sam maintains he’s too lazy to direct. He acknowledged, however, that he has no other talent and if he couldn’t act, he has no idea how he might earn an income.

Unlike many well known Hollywood actors, Sam comes across as very humble and self-effacing. He’s a genuine guy. And if you didn’t get to see him at the Enzian, well, as everyone in the LanceAround family would say…[click on link below…]

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