FFF 2016 Day 4 Lolo

This Son is Not Ready to Let Go of His Mama

This Son is Not Ready to Let Go of His Mama

Tres Bien!

Although I don’t speak much French, the filmgoers in the seats behind me were French and had come to enjoy this French film. They spent the entire movie laughing uproariously. Often, I would hear their laughter before I had a chance to read the subtitles and could then join them in the joke. One line of French I did recognize was the phrase, “Tres Bien,” which several of them said many times at the end of the film.

Very good!

Originally, based on the description, I was not planning to see this movie. But in my interview with Matthew Curtis, programming director for the FFF, he highly recommended it. He mentioned that the dialogue was particularly witty. He was right.

The story revolves around a middle age woman who is seeking companionship. Or, at the very least, a good one night romp. She meets a Frenchman when he accidentally dumps a tuna fish he had just caught into her lap. One thing leads to another and they are soon living together in her apartment.

However, her 19 year old son lives there as well and has not quite gotten over his Oedipal inclinations. Pretty soon, he is concocting elaborate and humorous ways to sabotage mom’s new love affair. Upon reflection, mom begins to realize why all her other affairs ended in disaster.

The little twist at the end of the movie is the perfect comedic conclusion.

The movie was written and directed by two time Oscar nominated writer Julie Delpy, who also plays the starring role. But it’s Vincent Lacoste who steals the show with his charming, impish portrayal of the mother’s son.

This is a great romantic comedy; perfect for a date night flick.

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