MANTA Coaster at Sea World Opens This Week


The much anticipated MANTA flying coaster at Sea World has its grand opening scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend–May 22, 2009.

But here’s an inside tip for readers of my blog.  Sea World is planning to do a “soft opening” of the ride beginning Tuesday at noon.

A soft opening essentially means that the ride will be up and running–It just won’t be advertised.  Of course, there is always the possibility that the ride will not be operational because of staffing or technical delays.  This is the reason to do a soft opening; it helps to work out all the bugs.  Most likely if you go to Sea World this week, you can be one of the first to experience MANTA.

MANTA is the first horizontal, head first flying coaster in the Orlando area.  passengers will be harnessed in a prone position, face down, giving the impression that they are flying through the air.  The ride is just over two and a half minutes long with speeds of over 55 mph and a longest drop of over 110 feet.  You have to be at least 52 inches tall to ride the MANTA.

Previews of the ride indicate there is at least one full loop and three corkscrews.  At one point, the ends of the fins slice through the water as you glide by.  This looks to be a thrilling coaster adventure.

Our office is scheduled to go to Sea World on  May 20 for a preview ride of MANTA.  Afterwards, I’ll do another post and let you know what our team thinks about the ride.

2 Responses to “MANTA Coaster at Sea World Opens This Week”

  1. Barry Dunn Says:

    Hi Lance,

    You shouldn’t put ‘Opens This Week’ in the title for the Manta Coaster unless you’re only going to post the column that week. I’m reading it on June 24th and it doesn’t open this week. If you had said ‘Opens Memorial Day Weekend’ in the title, that’s cool.



    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Barry: Our team discussed this issue before posting and we felt that most blog readers are used to checking the date of a blog post before reading the post so they have a good perspective of the proper time frame. I would love to hear feedback from other readers as to the best way to handle this. Regards, LanceAround

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