Best Salad Bar in Orlando is at Sweet Tomatoes

55 Feet of Farm Fresh Fare

55 Feet of Farm Fresh Fare

Normally, I don’t blog about chain restaurants.

Orlando has so many unique places, I don’t need to advertise something that you can get anywhere.

But Sweet Tomatoes only has around 70 restaurants–And it’s the kind of place I think needs to be discovered.

Mrs. LanceAround and I took Number One Son and Daughter to the new Sweet Tomatoes that opened in the Crossroads Shopping Center right next to Disney World.  It was as good as we expected.

Sweet Tomatoes provides fresh, all you can eat salad, complimented by soups, regular and sweet potatoes, pastas and a dessert bar.  Unlike many all-you-care-to-eat buffets, this one emphasizes the salad and healthier fare.  And it’s a real delight.

You begin by going down the 55 foot long salad bar and choosing from both prepared salads and fresh salad fixins’.  You then pay at the cash register.  At around $10 per person and almost $3 for unlimited soda, it is a bit pricey.  However, they work hard to keep their buffet lines clean and well stocked with plenty of fresh food.

After sitting, you can fill your cup with unlimited soda or different flavored iced teas.  You can also visit the soup bar, potato bar, pasta bar or cheesy focaccia bread bar.  At the end of your meal, there’s a dessert bar with a soft serve, fresh fruit, cobbler and various toppings.

For those with special diets, kudos to Sweet Tomatoes for identifying the main ingredients in most foods and for labeling foods such as “vegetarian” and even “vegan.”  No worries for the non-vegetarian–There is plenty of food for every type of appetite.

After filling ourselves with multiple trips to the different food bars, we had the unexpected pleasure of being warmly greeted by our friend Dave.  We know that Dave, like all his friends who attend the Orlando Science of Spirituality group, is a vegetarian.  We had not seen him for several years and seeing him again was the perfect dessert to a perfect meal!

Sweet Tomatoes, 12561 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, FL  32836   407.938.9461

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