Horseback Rides in Florida

Horseback Safari at Forever Florida

Horseback Safari at Forever Florida

There’s something about riding a horse through the wilderness.  I can’t describe it.  It’s “real.” It’s “deep.” It’s, I don’t know, it just feels so right, so wholesome.

First, there’s the smell.  The combination of leather saddle and horse.  It’s unlike any other smell.  Then there’s the raw power.  When you are on a horse, you can sense the living, breathing power of an animal with much greater strength than you have.  However, there is also the tenderness–somehow you understand that the beast beneath you is tame; it is here to serve you.  Then, if you are lucky enough to be allowed to gallop, there’s the combination of speed, focus and determination.  The rocky, shaky gait has somehow turned into a smooth motion.  You feel like you are sitting still in the saddle and the world is rushing past you on both sides.

Experience the REAL Florida

Experience the REAL Florida

Don’t worry, if you are a novice to horseback riding you will likely spend the entire ride at a gentle walk.  After the initial anxiety of getting on the horse and learning how to lead it, you suddenly notice that you are more relaxed and focused on the wilderness around you.

At that moment, you are transported.  The 20th century is a dim memory.  This is what it was like to travel in days gone by.  You experience the world with a whole new perspective.

The Horseback Safari at Forever Florida will provide you with this experience.

For the beginner, you may want to start with the one hour ride.  The cost is only $40 and it is money well spent.  You can also ride for two hours for $60 or three hours for $80.  All riders should be at least 12 years old, but 10 year olds are welcome if they have proven riding experience.  If you weigh over 275 pounds, an individual evaluation will be needed to determine ability to participate.

If you already have some riding experience it might be time to upgrade to an overnight safari.  For $199 you can have a 2 day, one night safari and $299 buys you a 3 day, 2 night safari.  These rides traverse scenic and historic trails that were first used by Native Americans riding horses in the 1500’s.

You’ll travel through diverse ecosystems ranging from Pine Flatwoods to wetlands.  While enjoying a simpler time, you’ll see the native wildlife of Florida including alligators, black bear, deer, turtles, wild turkeys, 200 different bird species and maybe even the endangered Florida panther.  Not to worry–your expert guide will ensure your safety as well interpreting the various animals and landscape you encounter.

The Only Way to Fully Appreciate Florida's Natural Beauty

The Only Way to Fully Appreciate Florida's Natural Beauty

City Slickers can rest easy as the overnight camping facilities feature restrooms, showers and even limited power access.  The safari includes riding instructions, campfire dinner, two person tents, campfire breakfast and, upon your return to civilization, a delicious lunch at the Cypress Restaurant in the Forever Florida Visitor’s Center.

Bring your sleeping bag and spirit of adventure.  A night under a canopy of stars awaits the lucky readers of my blog on the Forever Florida Horseback Safari.

 Defininately off-the-beaten-path and well worth a visit for the adventurous traveller seeking “more than a mouse”®

Forever Florida
4755 N. Kenansville Road
St. Cloud, FL 34773

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