A “City Slickers” Real Dude Ranch Cattle Drive in Florida!

An Old-Fashioned Cattle Drive at the Crescent J

An Old-Fashioned Cattle Drive at the Crescent J

Any list of all-time great movie lines has to include a famous line from the movie City Slickers starring Billy Crystal as Mitch.

For his 39th birthday, Mitch’s two friends buy him a week’s adventure, for the three of them, working at a Dude Ranch.  In one hilarious scene, Mitch attempts to rope a steer and gets caught.  As his body is dragged along behind the steer, Billy delivers one of the funniest lines in movie history as his character Mitch wails, “I..I…I…I’mmmm  Ooonn  Vaaaacccaaatttiiiooooooonnn!”

It’s movies like City Slickers and old westerns that have spawned the popularity of the Dude Ranch or Cattle Drive vacation.  These are trips where guests learn to ride horses, rope cattle, drive cattle and develop other cow hunter skills. 

The Crescent J. Ranch at Forever Florida offer two kinds of cow hunter experiences.  They have a Half Day, Rawhide Roundup and a Crescent J Cattle Drive Weekend.

The Rawhide Roundup costs only $99/person.  It includes three hours of cow hunter challenges, skill building and fun.  (Don’t make the mistake of calling a Florida Cow Hunter a “cowboy” or you’ll get quite a talkin-to!)  You’ll learn the basics of herding cattle and tending ranch.

In addition, Crescent J is one of the few ranches that feature Spanish Colonial Cattle.  These animals have a lineage that go back to when Ponce de Leon first brought cattle to the new world.  They also have the largest herd of Cracker horses in the world.  Here is a link to more information about the animals and native landscape at the Crescent J.

After three hours of authentic Cow Hunting activity, you’ll be ready for a break and will enjoy ending your day with lunch at the Cypress Restaurant.  This is included in the price of your adventure.

Overnight Campfire Under the Stars

Overnight Campfire Under the Stars

For those seeking a longer adventure there’s the three day, two night Crescent J Cattle Drive Weekend.  After learning the skills of roping, riding and cow cutting, you’ll go on a three day cattle drive, driving Spanish Colonial Cattle to their destination.  You’ll experience the wonders of the Florida wilderness while camping under the stars and enjoying campfire meals together.

This adventure is only $299/person and must be reserved in advance.  In addition to the Cow Hunter experience, Forever Florida also offers a Zipline Safari, Coach Safari, Horseback Safari, camping and many other activities.

These off-the-beaten-path activites are a lucky find for the readers of my blog who enjoy seeking those out of the way adventures while on vacation to the Central Florida area.

Forever Florida
4755 N. Kenansville Road
St. Cloud, FL 34773


4 Responses to “A “City Slickers” Real Dude Ranch Cattle Drive in Florida!”

  1. Sue Say Says:

    I am interested in taking a long Christmas vacation with My 16 year old daughter. What can you offer to accommodate us?

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Sue: Thanks for joining the conversation at LanceAroundOrlando. I will ask Ryan who works at my vacation rental home company to send you an email. Hope you have a wonderful time in Florida. Let me know if you want any additional suggestions for “off the beaten path” things to do in and around Orlando. Regards, LanceAround

  2. Donnetta Says:

    Is this still available?

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Donnetta: Thanks for joining the conversation. Unfortunately, the Crescent J. stopped doing cattle drives about a year ago. I spoke to Parker at Forever Florida and he said they still get a lot of calls and are trying to find a way to re-establish the cattle drives. But for now, they don’t have them. On the other hand, they still have zipline safaris, horseback rides, camping and a lot of other great things to do. Forever Florida is a hidden gem that is well worth visiting. If you do go, please let us know about your experience. Regards, LanceAround

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