Ye Olde English Tearoom


Grammy LanceAround and Number One Daughter Enjoy Their Tea

I thought our reviews of tearooms had come to an end.  But when Grammy LanceAround came for a visit, we decided to treat her to Ye Olde English Tearoom located just an hour north of Disney on Lake Mary Blvd. just a half mile east of the I-4 exit.

Although not perfect, the LanceAround Family consensus was a solid “thumbs up.” currently ranks it #8 in the state of Florida.

The best part of the tearoom is the food.  Number One Son remarked that if the soup they served was priced at $100 a bowl, it would still be worth the cost–it was that good!  He especially loved the butternut squash.  I tried the cream of mushroom and found it to be delicious and loaded with chunks of mushroom.  Yummm!

When I asked Neil O’Halloran–the polite, soft-spoken owner of the tearoom–what I should say about it in my blog, he was quick to mention the quality of the food.  He revealed to me the fresh ingredients for his homemade scones and showed the small oven where he bakes the small, round scones in fresh batches every few minutes.  Despite serving whipped cream instead of Devonshire or clotted cream, the scones were so moist and delicious we managed to enjoy them with only strawberry jam!

Neil Provides His Own Artwork

Neil also referenced the Dickisonian paintings on the wall of the tearoom and revealed that the signature NOH were his initials. “You’re an artist!” I exclaimed. “Well, I wouldn’t call myself that,” he replied with modesty.

I thought the paintings were a nice complement to the beautiful lace tablecloths and delicate tea sets.  The atmosphere was pleasant, although the original design of the entire shop provided seating in only about 40% of the room leaving 60% for the kitchen and serving area.  This unfortunate design made for a cramped, slightly uncomfortable seating area when filled to capacity.

Our family felt that the number of available teas was limited, but the Earl Grey we tried was wonderful.  Number One Daughter summed it up by saying, “the tea selection was small, but what they had was choice.  It was quality not quantity.”  The sandwiches were fresh made, the fruit and vegetables with ranch dip were tasty and the various cakes and pastries were delectable.  As mentioned, the scones were out of this world.

Since it is only open three or four days a week for just a few hours a day, and since they often close for parties or large groups, you definitely want to call ahead.  On busy weekends, reservations are recommended.

A worthwhile addition to the family of tearooms in the Central Florida area just waiting to be discovered by the lucky readers of my blog!

Ye Olde English Tearoom
3801 W. Lake Mary Blvd
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Website was not working at the time of this review, but it is:

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