Turn the Tables on ‘Em


Confused Disney Photographer had the Tables Turned on Him

 There’s never a dull moment with the LanceAround family.    

"You Want What???"

Take last weekend. Number One Daughter invited three of her friends to join the LanceAround family on an exploratory adventure to see if there was anything new or exciting at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. After entering the theme park, our group was soon accosted by one of the plethora of Disney photographers wanting to take our picture.    

So we decided to turn the tables on ’em.    

He's Thinking, "Yes, I am Used to Being Photographed"

 I pulled out my digital camera, asked the photographer to say cheese and snapped a photo. He was a little surprised.    

Then I thought about how many photos they take at Disney every day and how much they charge for these photos. Seems to me that Disney makes a lot of money with this gig.    

I decided I wanted a piece of that action.    

"Well This is Different"

 So I offered to sell my photo to the photographer for only $20. Realizing that guests at Disney have to go to a photo booth to pick up their photos, I told the photographer that he could pay me now and swing by my home after work to pick up the photo.    

hmmm, that seemed to give him pause.    

Well, after doing this once or twice Number One Daughter and her friends decided that they wanted to get in on the action. The next time we encountered a photographer, we all gathered together to pretend that we were getting ready to pose for a photo. Then, I loudly stated the agreed upon cue words, “Okay, everyone, let’s pose.” As soon as I said that, all four teenage girls leapt to the side of the photographer and shoved close to pose for a photo. I whipped out my digital camera and said, “Everybody say Mickey Mouse Loves Cheese!” and then snapped a photo.    

"Heeyyy, That's My Job!"

At this point, all four of the girls surrounded the photographer while I held my hand out and asked him for $20 for the photo that he could pick up at my house after work. The four teenagers and I stood there expectantly until the photographer responded.    

During the day, we would take photos of all the photographers we encountered in Animal Kingdom.  Here are some of our favorite responses we got from the different photographers…    

When asked to pay $20 for the photo, one photographer responded:    

“I’m a professional model, so it would be the other way around.”    

Some Photographers Really Got Into It

Another said:    

“Oh, I’m the person behind the camera…so…no!”    

One hispanic lady seemed to be a little confused and disoriented as she attempted to sort out exactly what was happening. She said the following in a very cute, hispanic accent:    

“This is part of a TV show???…This is a joke???…You crazy!…I like you already…I see you later.”    

This Guy Didn't Have a Camera

 When asked to pay for a photo, one photographer stated, “Mickey doesn’t let me.” Another one simply said, “NO!”    

But our favorite response came from a Disney Cast Member who begged us to not give away their identity. Their response:    

“Sorry, Disney does not pay me enough to allow me to buy the picture!”    

And we won’t reveal whether or not we posted their photo on this blog!

2 Responses to “Turn the Tables on ‘Em”

  1. Amy Says:

    how fun!!!

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