Top Ten Posts ’09-’10


Infusion Tearoom is Wonderful and Just Missed Being On Our Top Ten List

In honor of Lance Around Orlando’s two year anniversary, here is the annual list of our Top Ten Favorite Posts from the past year:

1. National Champion to National Artist – This poignant, heartwarming and true story talks about the parallels between the accomplishments of two talented 19 year olds–30 years apart!

2. Turn the Tables on ‘Em – A whimsical romp through Disney World with an eye towards mischievous fun.

3. Disney World Handicap Access – Disney does it right when it comes to helping those less fortunate.

4. LanceAround Hits 100! – This post is a MUST READ if you really want to understand what this blog is all about.

The Hobbit Helped Crash This Party

5. Lessons From The Hobbit – The true story of how an old novel can lend an idea that helps resolve a current, real life dilemma. And it’s funny, too.

6. Philly Cheese Steak…In Orlando?!? – Combining childhood memories with educational information, this restaurant review gives conclusive proof that, well, we’re not sure it proves anything. But it’s fun.

7. FFF Best in Show Award Goes To… – Chosen to provide daily blog updates from the Enzian Theatre for this year’s Florida Film Festival, LanceAround goes deep into his psyche to reveal how he determines which movies to recommend.

8. DiVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – This post is a great example of this blog in action–a true insider’s guide to a wonderful experience that would be easy to miss without the help of LanceAround.

The Old Spanish Sugarmill Pancake House

9. Best Kept Secret IV-Pancake Breakfast – Another post about an off-the-beaten-path restaurant that is worth a special trip an hour north of Disney World.

10. Top Ten Vacation Movies – A list of our favorite, must-see movies, about vacations, and is perfect for anyone planning a vacation.

(Oh, and in case you’re interested, here’s the link to the Infusion Tearoom post! Did I just cheat and add an 11th to my top ten list?)

One Response to “Top Ten Posts ’09-’10”

  1. Maureen Carruthers Says:

    2 years already? Congratulations Lancearound!

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