Michelangelo With Scissors


On Stage Frank Krzanik Showcases His Talent With His Model: #1 Daughter

Sue owns a vacation home in Central Florida and teaches cosmetology to high school students at a technology center in Illinois. My company manages her vacation home.  

Hairstyles of all Types Abound

She calls Mrs. LanceAround last week and explains that her fellow cosmetology teacher, Frank Krzanik, was selected to showcase the Bonika Shears at the Premier Orlando International Beauty Event held at the Orange County Convention Center. Frank needs some models so he can demonstrate how to cut hair. Would Mrs. LanceAround and Number One Daughter like to model?  

Packed Convention Center

With over 46,000 in attendance, the convention center is packed with eager attendees wanting to learn the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Number One Daughter sits in the chair while Frank’s hands, moving like a blur, wielding his Bonika Shears, cuts, styles and blow dries her hair. Meanwhile thousands of eager conference attendees stride by, stopping now and again to watch Frank’s techniques or examine the scissors for sale on display.  

In a short time, Number One Daughter is smiling broadly as she looks in the mirror at her new “do.”  Mrs. LanceAround, then Number One Son also take their turn in the chair. Once more Frank’s hands are a blur as he showcases his craft.  

As we are walking out of the convention center, Number One Daughter is beaming as she speaks about how wonderful a job Frank has done with all their hair. “He’s like Michelangelo with scissors,” she remarks. Then, with an inspired look in her eye, she proclaims, “Hey, that’s the title for your blog post!”  

And so it is.

6 Responses to “Michelangelo With Scissors”

  1. Frank Krzanik Says:

    thank you for your support and very kind words.

  2. Emily Says:

    Ilove your hair cut would love to see your brothers

  3. Linda Says:

    Wow! Amber’s hair looks fabulous. Does Frank have a salon in Orlando?

    Greetings from homeowner Linda who is looking forward to her next trip to Orlando – and maybe to a new haircut?

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Linda: Sorry, but Frank is in the Chicago area. Maybe if one of your plane trips home takes you through O’Hare you can get him to meet you at the airport during your layover?!? How ’bout it Frank? LanceAround

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