FFF “Shorts 1: Ignite”


Peter (from "Winner: Best Short Film") and other filmmakers


3:30pm Mingling Outside the Enzian
For the second day in a row we got to enjoy a shorts program packed with great films. This time, four of the films had filmmakers available for Q & A. 

“Winner: Best Short Film” lives up to its title. Well, maybe not, but it’s up there.  Peter will be pleased to discover that I was not disappointed.  It was a short, short.  It was also a lot of fun. 

“Charlie and the Rabbit” it’s disappointing when a short film is too long.  This charmer would have worked great in half the time.  And it was pretty short. 

“The Anatagonist” tired of the kiddie party at your boyfriend’s friend’s house with his anal wife?  Try some of these antics. 

“Jitensha” Japanese with English subtitles.  If God were to steal a bicycle, would he do it bit by bit?  To teach you a lesson?  Think about it. 

“Me Time”  a Sienfeld episode rip off, complete with the phrase, “yada, yada…” but it’s taken to a comedic extreme. 

“La Viuda” Serious, beautifully filmed short.  A little slow, but worth a look 

“The New Tenants” a comedic thriller bolstered by the excellent acting and timing of the principles.  Dark humor, crafty comedy.

2 Responses to “FFF “Shorts 1: Ignite””

  1. Peter Meech Says:

    Lance, thanks for your thoughtful critique of the short films at the Florida Film Festival.

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Peter: Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. More importantly, thanks for your film. It is one of those movies that grows on you the more you think about it. I liked it so much I mentioned it in my blog again today. It’s hysterical! LanceAround

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